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The Right Vape for the Right Occasion

Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

Last month vaping came under fire due to newly introduced e-liquid laws, which could have caused problems for the industry. Fortunately, the vaping business has quickly adapted to these new restrictions and is now performing positively with the new regulations in place. As the industry continues to flourish as the healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and cigars, you may be wondering when and where the right time is to vape and what flavors to adopt for the environment you find yourself in. Get ready to experience a whole realm of new flavors and tanks suitable for an array of occasions. The best is to try different ones to see at you like like best vape Canada has great opinions to pick from.

After-Work Drinks

It’s the age-old conundrum of impromptu post-work drinks. You’ve driven into the office expecting an early night but your colleagues decide to head to the bar last minute. You could get a taxi or train home, but this may come at a cost and would mean your car would be stranded until morning. Still, the opportunity to network with your work colleagues or even just let loose is too good to miss. Instead of leaving early, take your vape device out with you for the social factor and use an e-liquid in the flavor of Gin, Malibu, or Moonshine. This means that you can enjoy the social factor of the evening without the dreaded hangover in the morning. Alcohol flavored e-liquids will also help you to cut down on your alcohol consumption without feeling as though you are missing out.

Work Meetings and Conferences

Vaping at work is a great way to ensure that you take short breaks from the desk and recharge. Regular, small breaks are good for productivity and mean you get a few minutes to yourself, which is especially beneficial in high-pressure jobs. However, if you have a lot of meetings or a busy day at work it may not be possible to get outside for a vape. When this happens, opt for natural flavors, such as coffee, as the smell won’t be distracting or off-putting for your colleagues. As well as this, recent studies have shown that the mere smell of coffee can stir a tired brain into action, so a coffee-flavored vape is exactly what you need to get through a hectic day.

Date Night

If you’re trying to impress a special date then spicy and aromatic scents will work wonders. Typically, male fragrances are infused with notes of cinnamon, bergamot, fenugreek, jasmine, and ginger. These are all woody and sophisticated scents that will complement your aftershave and entice your date. Your scent is one of the first things your date will encounter about you, and it is the sensory information that will stick with her after your meeting so be sure not to over-do it. Choose a subtle aftershave and a complimentary vape flavor like one of the above.

Night In

At the weekends we all want to indulge ourselves in some unhealthy treats. Usually, this means reaching for the chocolate or crisps, but if you’re trying to avoid unhealthy snacking the best way to satisfy your cravings is by using e-liquids in sweet flavors such as almond and caramel, bonbon, honeydew, or chocolate. Indulging in this way means that you can avoid the calories and subsequent guilt of actually eating but enjoy an abundance of different flavors in one evening, which isn’t something you could have with just one chocolate bar or bag of sweets.


Wedding smoke
Photo by Sam Barber on Unsplash

For weddings think cake, vanilla, and strawberry- sweet, light flavors to celebrate the once in a lifetime ceremony. These will complement the wedding cake and add to the festive feel of the occasion. Bear in mind that this is a time in which you should be careful to adhere to vaping etiquette. Choose the right time and place to vape so that those who don’t enjoy the smell are avoided or can vacate the area easily. Vapers can choose from a range of cake-themed liquids including cheesecake, walnut cake, lemon cake, and pineapple cake. The only thing that you should beware of is that you may have guests after your delicious accompaniment.


When the spookiest time of the year rolls around, there are a number of flavors that will best suit a Halloween party such as toffee apple, sweets and gummy candy. Again this is a great way to get in the spirit of the occasion without indulging in all of the calories that can set you back health-wise. Try any of Bad Drip Labs ‘Don’t Care’ candy flavors, which come in containers made to look like pill bottles, to channel that haunted asylum vibe.
Holidays in the sun

We all need some time to soak up the sun and celebrate our hard work with a few Pina Coladas, but what are the best flavors to compliment a well-deserved holiday? Fruity flavors are best enjoyed in the heat as they aren’t too heavy and they give the feeling of refreshment by cleansing the palette. Try watermelon, passion fruit, peaches or mango for e-liquids that are light, and smell as good as they taste.


It’s great to have a flavor that compliments every occasion so that you can get into the spirit of the event, whatever that might be, and so that others around you are not put off by the scent of your e-liquid. As well as this, flavors and smells bring back the strongest memories. Therefore it’s good to have a scent prepared especially for an occasion so that the next time you smoke that flavor you can more easily recall the memories of the celebrations you enjoyed the most.

Featured Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay