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3 Hotel Essentials for the Busy Parent

Mother and children at hotel pool
Photo by Muhammad Rahmat Yulianto from Pexels

3 Hotel Essentials for the Busy Parent

As I’m sure you already know, being a parent is a full-time job. Every moment of the day is spent looking after our kids, and when we do get a break, we’re usually so tired that all we can think to do is relax for 30 minutes and then go to bed! Unfortunately, this stress tends to affect our holidays too.

Mother and children at hotel pool
Photo by Muhammad Rahmat Yulianto from Pexels

In order to minimize the stress caused by our children, we do a lot of research beforehand, trying to ensure that wherever we’re going on holiday and whatever we’re doing, the kids will be happy too. Finding a child-friendly hotel is one of the most important parts of this process. 

Hotels are wonderful places, and in today’s age, they are equipped with all sorts of different equipment and facilities for us to take advantage of, but what do you really need to look out for when searching for child-friendly accommodation? That’s what we’re here to answer. Hopefully, this shortlist helps you during your own holiday preparations!


The need for specialist facilities can vary based on your child’s age and requirements, but basic baby-changing facilities and high-chairs are absolutely essential for ensuring that you can look after your little ones. The best way to check the quality and presence of baby-changing equipment is to give the hotel a call and ask, though you should be confident that they will have at least something to offer.

The other main facilities to look for (again, dependent on the age of your child) are day-care facilities. Family holidays should primarily be spent together; the presence of day-care facilities means that if you choose, you do have the option to enjoy some quality time with your partner or alone, which is often needed.


The unfortunate truth is that children get bored easily! Hopefully, you’ll be spending most of your holiday doing a little exploring, but during the downtime, when you want to relax, your children will need something entertaining to do – which is where hotel activities come in. 

Many hotels host a variety of different recreational activities, from swimming pools to gaming rooms, but the best way to keep your little one engaged is through socialization. Search for a hotel that has its own youth club where your child can talk and spend time with others their age in a safe environment. Not only does this give you a little time to relax, but it helps your child develop too. What’s there to lose?

Kids playing on playground
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A Kid’s Food Menu

Both children and adults have the potential to be fussy eaters. I’m sure every parent can agree that going into a restaurant with your toddler, looking at the menu, and realizing that they won’t eat anything on there is a very frustrating realization. That’s what makes kid’s menus so important.

During your holiday, you’re likely to spend many hours within the hotel – particularly if it’s an all-inclusive package. If your child doesn’t like anything on the menu, you’re going to struggle to feed them each day. Kid’s menus are designed to be plain, basic, and suitable for all tastes and all age groups specifically to avoid this issue.

Whether you’re having breakfast or dinner, check that wherever you’re staying has some children’s options in their food selection.

If you keep these three essentials in mind when you’re searching for your hotel of choice, you are bound to find some accommodation that makes your holiday experience easier and more enjoyable. Your children want to enjoy themselves just as much as you do, so keep their needs in mind when you’re searching.