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Davidoff Cigars Review

Davidoff Cigars originated in the brand’s world-renowned Davidoff shop in Geneva, Switzerland where the company’s founder, Zino Davidoff, elevated and expanded a prominent legacy began by his father, Henri Davidoff. Though the family’s tobacco shop had been a destination for dignitaries and notable figures for many decades, Davidoff did not emerge as a brand of cigars until the 1970s. It was through Zino’s extensive Cuban connections that the brand was launched. Today, Davidoff cigars are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and are regarded around the globe for their top-shelf, luxurious reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at this brand.


When it comes to flavor, there are many different options and styles of cigars available from Davidoff. Most of the cigars offered through this brand will provide a mild to medium-bodied flavor profile. The brand manufactures a number of blends with varying tasting notes, however, its core portfolio is known for a mild, approachable taste and aroma.

Many Davidoff cigars are drafted from Connecticut-seed wrappers over a luscious mixture of aged Dominican tobaccos. Tasting notes of toasted cashews, almonds, coffee with cream, cedar, and mushrooms are common in a number of Davidoff blends, including the brand’s popular Aniversario, Signature, and Grand Cru offerings. The company has introduced a handful of more medium-bodied cigars in recent years as well. Davidoff Nicaragua is handmade with a lustrous Nicaraguan wrapper, while Davidoff Millennium displays a darker, richer profile of leather and wood. Davidoff cigars are recognized for an uncompromising smoothness both newcomers and seasoned aficionados find agreeable.

Value and Construction

Davidoff cigars are not cheap. They occupy the higher end of the price spectrum for premium cigars, however, they are also remarkably consistent. The brand’s elegant reputation, pristine packaging, and luxurious flavors are sought out by connoisseurs with extravagant taste, as well as those in search of cigar-related gifts for individuals who expect the utmost in quality and appeal.

The brand’s iconic white label cigar band is a mark of excellence and a harbinger of leisure. The company has also introduced a handful commemorative Winston Churchill cigars in recent years, which is fitting as Churchill is perhaps the most famous cigar lover to shop at the original Davidoff location in Geneva. The shop was once the premier resource for Cuban cigars in all of Europe and enjoyed this status throughout the WWII era.

Are Davidoff cigars worth the money? For the brand’s devoted fans, without question. If you’re new to smoking cigars, it may be worthwhile to step into the realm of Davidoff prices at a graduated pace. Know what profiles and regions you prefer most before spending top-shelf dollars. However, if the creamy equation of a Connecticut-seed wrapper over Dominican tobaccos routinely occupies your cigar shopping list and you’re willing to splurge for the best sight unseen, then Davidoff is definitely right up your alley.


Overall, Davidoff offers a series of very fine cigars. The company has been around for a long time and offers several cigar varieties which live up to the brand’s impressive reputation. Perfect construction, exquisite flavor, and a magnificently satisfying experience have made Davidoff a well-known brand for those in search of the best premium cigars.

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