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5 Reasons You’ll Love the Maguey Melate Signature Box

Mague Melate Signature Box

Maguey Melate is the creator of delicious agave spirits. Their dedication to the agave plant and the environment in which each spirit is crafted shows as the name of their brand literally translate to, “Agave makes my heart beat”. While they offer a monthly club where you can receive these delectable spirits every single month, they also have a signature box which you can order online just one time. These mezcal alcoholic beverages are not only delicious, but they come with cultural gifts inside so you can bring the Oaxacan tradition into your home.

What is Mezcal?

Mezcal, also known as Maguey, is an agave plant that is used to create alcoholic beverages.

Signature Box

Here are five reasons you’ll love the Maguey Melate Signature Box:

Great for Gatherings

When you order the Maguey Melate signature box, you receive much more than the spirits inside. Along with the three 375 ml bottles of agave spirit, you’ll also get three sets of Oaxacan handcrafted gifts, a limited edition artwork, and a pinewood collectors box. Not only can you share the spirits with your guests, but they can also admire everything else that comes with from the gift to the box itself. The pinewood collectors box resembles a piece of artwork itself, so it serves as the perfect centerpiece for your special occasion. The collectors box is much more than the average gift box and can hold other items, or the empty bottles once you’ve finished them and keep them on display. It’s a great design element for any home and the perfect conversation starter to keep your guests happy and engaged all day/night long.

A Gift for Everyone

Sometimes you have no idea what to get someone for their birthday or a holiday because they seem to have it all. It’s a guarantee they do not have this signature box. Not only is it perfect for people who enjoy alcoholic beverages, but you can also give this as a gift to someone who enjoys a rich culture. The three bottles of 100% agave spirit are all different, using different species of agave and different processes ranging from copper pot distillations to clay pot distillations.

This box serves up more than just a unique and delicious alcohol; it makes a great gift idea for people who don’t normally enjoy liquor because of all of the other pieces of art you get with it. The work of art is unique as there are no more than 650 produced, so each time you order a box, your loved one will get new artwork. The handcrafted gifts demonstrate the traditions of the Oaxaca people and look great in any home.

Unavailable in Stores

If you love things that are uncommon that you can’t find in any old store, this is a great box to order. The agave spirits you get with each order are 100% artisanal and none are the same. They’re organic, cooked in traditional earth oven pits, and created in small batches by Oaxacans. These truly are one-of-a-kind, and you’ll never find a single comparable bottle in America for less than $100. You’ll be getting a unique spirit and gift for yourself that no one else has. Because these products are not massed produced, you’ll get something new and different in each box, differing in taste and the items that come with it.

Rich with History

Rich with History

These Maguey Melate Signature Boxes contain a rich history. Mezcal is rooted in ancient Aztec rituals and considered a “drink of the gods”. Each piece you get is special to the people indigenous to the region and you get to learn a little bit about their art and culture with each box. If you or someone you know is a history buff, these items would make a great addition to an office or living room. The agave spirits can be served frequently or on special occasions where you want to impress someone with your knowledge of the world. It’s also a great way to teach others about different cultures. The handcrafted gifts and artwork are great tangible items for people to hold in their hands to admire that will also pique their interest in other cultures.

Ethical Mission

Most of us like to think ethically about the products we use and consume in our daily life. Maguey Melate rejects mass-producing of their spirits, preserving the traditional production methods, culture, and family owned palenques that create it. Mass production equals cost-cutting, which means that they don’t use the same artisanal methods and often add artificial flavorings and additives in order to make the new, less tasty spirit taste better. While you won’t be getting the same smoky flavor from massed produced agave spirits, you can also be sure that the corporations in charge of these productions care only about making money, which can cause them to wreak havoc on the environment, workers, and the taste of the mezcal beverages. Maguey Melate chooses to keep their mezcal drinks “in the family” to treat their workers and their environment fairly.