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8 Popular Destinations In Malta You Don’t Want To Miss

Destinations In Malta

If you want to put all your senses to the test in your next vacation, then Malta should be on top of the list. You see, this amazing island nation is a true definition of “living in a dream“. And since it’s all beautiful, you might find it really difficult to decide on what to focus on especially with the various historical sites, thrilling architecture, festivities, mouth-watering dishes, water games among others. That’s why we are here to help you with some of the top 8 popular destinations you shouldn’t miss while there. Enjoy the read!

1: Birgu

Also popularly referred to as Vittoriosa, Birgu is strategically situated along the grand harbor. And it makes an amazing site for individuals who can’t get enough of history as this is the place where the Knights of St. John made their first settlement after arriving in this island nation. You will fall in love with the mesmerizing sites from the waterfronts and a variety of delicious foods being served at the numerous restaurants and cafés.

2: Hagar Qim and Mnajdra megalithic

These two fascinating world heritage sites are located in Qrendi town, which is normally considered as a small welcoming town that’s located about 9.5 km South of Valletta. Though the complexes are not attached together, they are not far apart with the only distance between them being 500 meters. Here you will enjoy a breathtaking up-close view of these historical sites and listen to the various stories surrounding their construction way back in 3600-3200 BC. According to the narrators, the people responsible for this are popularly referred to as temple builders and they didn’t leave much trace of their background. From outside, the place might seem crude, but if you happen to know anything about the art of building, then you will be left wondering how those builders managed to pull off such structures in the first place.

3: Valletta


This is Malta’s capital and for this obvious reason, your visit couldn’t be complete without making a stop here. Besides, the amazing place enjoys an excellent cultural presence in most of its infrastructure, something that’s rarely seen in most modern-day cities across Europe. And thanks to this, the city continues to enjoy the World Heritage site title from UNESCO since the 1980s. Here you will witness first hand, the massive damage of the 2nd World War with the visible bullet scars across the city.

4: Dingli Cliffs

Located at the edge of the Island and a few miles from Rabat, this high altitude areas allows you to get a glimpse at the beautiful ocean waters while breathing the fresh air. And if you’re worried about the distance and how you will get up there (250m), there’s no need to anymore. Now you can easily make your way up there using a car. But if hiking is your cup of tea, then you will enjoy walking through the safe paths. And after you’re done with your visit up there, remember to enjoy Malta’s top beaches during your holiday. You will love the feel of the cool waters of the three Maltese Islands. And when you do, know that your holiday is just getting started. You wouldn’t even want to leave!

5: Marsaxlokk

This incredible fishing village is located 10.8Km from Valletta, towards the South coast of Malta. It makes an ideal visiting destination for individuals who have already visited the Grand Harbor as it comes in second. And if you have been closely following the history of the Knights of St. John, then you should be aware that it’s here that they fought and defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1565’s great attack.

Over here, you will enjoy the delicious seafood, ride on colorful boats and take many photos to show to your loved ones. There are various attractive scenes to compel you into taking out your camera, like for instance the dedicated fishers and the ever full bay.

6: Golden Bay Beach

If your ultimate relaxing experience is defined by a lot of beach time, the Golden Bay is the place to be. You will love the amazing daytime sites and you can comfortably camp sleep by the beach at night thanks to its quiet nature. And if the sound of tents doesn’t sound like a great idea to you, then you can opt to spend your night at the nearby Radisson Blue Resort or you could just hop into a bus and get into the night-action of Valletta.

7: St Paul’s Catacombs

This place has an underground Roman Catacomb that’s believed to be home for several deceased individuals from Rabat’s neighboring cities. And this is backdated as far as the 4th Century. If you are afraid of the dead and anything that has to do with it, then be ready for the scariest time of your life. To make you feel better and safe, take a few friends with you as you tour around the dead bodies of both adults and children. But away from death stories, you will be glad to learn that this place was also used as a hideout for people, especially during World War 2 raids. So you see, it’s full of complex memories; the likes of the ones you normally see in movies.

8: Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

This is situated between Qrendi and Zurrieg on the South Western side of Malta. Here, you will witness a jaw-dropping view of the several sea caverns. The caves come as a result of the works of the natural wonders of natural rock erosion caused by seawater. It’s an iconic image that will stay in your mind forever. And it’s for this reason that you should ready yourself to take numerous photos for future reference (chances like these ones come once in a lifetime). The good thing is that you will enjoy the services of a captain, who will answer all your questions. Also, if you have some cash to spare, do some boat riding and learn how to dive.

A visit to Malta is a dream come true for most individuals. However, due to the beautiful nature of the place and the various attractive features, it’s easy to get confused as to which ones you should first visit. The above list seeks to help you set your priorities right so that you get to maximize on your visit. From the cliffs, historical sites to beaches, it’s evident that you can never have enough of Malta in one visit.

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