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Working While On Your Gap-Year

Almost everyone wishes they could see more of the world. It’s little wonder really; there are so many rich experiences to be had out there.


These days, international travel is more accessible than ever, so don’t let any vague worries keep you away from that gap-year. Like a lot of young travellers, you’ll probably want to work while you’re seeing the world. There are all kinds of options in this area. Here are some ideas that may not have crossed your mind before. Finding one that’s right for you and securing it will give you a much better sense of structure for your world tour!

One job that’s snowballing in popularity is teaching English in a foreign country. I have not personally done this but know plenty who have.

Yes, this isn’t exactly unique, but in many cases could give you a totally life-changing adventure. Seen as you’re reading this, you probably live in the first world. Countries like Japan and Thailand are one of the major hotspots for this kind of work. Ask any westerner who’s visited a particularly impoverished country about their experience. They’ll tell you just how much it changed their perspective. Whichever region you had in mind, teaching English abroad is remarkably easy to get into. Do an honest self-assessment before making any big decisions though. These positions usually require some extended geographic permanency, and you have to be up to the task.

If you’re a particularly social person, then consider becoming a hostel staff member. As you’re probably aware, most people spend their gap years checking in and out of hostels. For this reason, working at a hostel will give you loads of fantastic opportunities to meet new people and hear some amazing stories from nights out with travelers from around the world.


Whichever part of the globe you have your eye on, there’s almost always a hostel where you’ll be able to apply. Many of the staff will be in the same position as you; eager to see as much as possible. Because of this, new vacancies are constantly coming up.

Lots of people go on gap years looking to expand their minds and experiences, but then there are some of us who simply want to have fun! If you’re the sporty type, then why not consider being a ski instructor? This is an exceptionally rewarding job which can lead into very fruitful careers. Once you’ve done you ski instructor course, you’ll be able to throw your qualification around in any country with a mountain. Again, this is a great opportunity if you’re looking for friendships and laughs. Dozens of people around gap-year age come to ski resorts, and many spend just as much time in the bars as they do on the slopes!

You may have heard that “the world is your oyster” before. Well, if you’re in a position to go on a gap year, this is especially true! Whether you have a particular country you simply have to see, or you want it all, don’t let anxiety talk you out of it. With countless jobs around the globe, the only thing that could hold you back is yourself!