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Choose France Holiday Destination

There is no other country like it and it is no surprise to find that France is one of our favorite destinations. No matter what happens the France holiday destination never seems to lose its instinctive charm. It is a country that shrugs its shoulders but is endlessly attractive. It knows it too and France has an effortless ability to draw visitors of all types. It’s variety may well be part of it’s charm and that is something that we can never get enough of.

We drink it’s wines with gusto, we love and respect its cuisines. Even its slight snobbery about its secrets, does not seem to matter. As a holiday destination, it draws us year after year and seemingly we never tire of its attractions.


From Normandy to Brittany, and although it is even visible from the shores of the UK, France is still a place apart. Calvados and crepes are enough to get any mouth watering. Normandy with its famous coastline is forever a part of the D Day landings, leads into soft countryside and charming villages. Here you’ll find ancient old forests and of course, the river Seine that winds its way towards Paris – the heart of all capital cities.

From the Champs Elysee to the Eiffel tower, Montmartre and the Sacre Cour, these images are synonymous with Paris. Fall in love with all that is best about this beautiful city that once boasted more world famous artists in one quarter that anywhere on earth. Here you could have gone out for a drink and brushed past Picasso and ended up hanging out with Hemingway and James Joyce. Not bad for a night out!


Brittany beckons with its Celtic connections and historical ties. From there moving down with the Atlantic breakers are the fabulous centres of Lyon and Bordeaux. Travel all the way down to the gentile charm and the big surf that is Biarritz on the Spanish Border.

And that is not even scratching the surface of what France has hidden in historic chateau and castle ruins. France moves towards the Mediterranean in the style that only the French could wear so casually. From the Aquitaine to Dordogne and from Monaco to St Tropez and the Alps. It seems unfair not to even mention the Loire Valley or stunning Corsica.

France Holiday Destination

If you had ten lifetimes you’d get the feeling there would still be more of France to enjoy. Maybe touring is the answer. You could stay in small hotels and enjoy meandering from town to town, or you could choose some of the swankiest hotels in the world!

For simple charm and ease of access, a camping holiday in France could make the best of all worlds. This is especially so seeing as luxury tents, and chalets are as far from what used to pass as ‘camping’ as you could get.

Whatever your passion, a holiday in France is sure to inflame it. For the wine, the joie de vivre, the sun, or simply the incredibly rage and diversity of food and culture, France has it all. There is no country like it and no time to lose in planning your next visit.