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Top Tips For Buying A Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings have a unique and romantic quality that fills the bride to be with nostalgia. As a gentleman looking to propose you may want to consider a more classical approach if your girlfriend is appreciative of this style. This vibe, combined with their timeless and exquisite designs make them the perfect choice if you’re planning to propose. Shopping for vintage and antique engagement rings requires some additional thought and effort as they can be harder to source. But it isn’t impossible and it will be worth all the effort when you see the look on her face. Here are some top tips to help you begin your hunt.

Choose an era

Having a particular period in mind when you start looking for vintage engagement rings can be highly beneficial. The vintage and antique labels cover a number of time periods from the Edwardian period up until the 1950’s. Each era will have their own style and feel to choose from. If you’re looking for something vintage, it’s likely that your partner has an interest in history and fashion. Try to see if there is a particular era that she like or has a connection to. This will give you some indication as to which styles and designs you should be going for. If your partner just simply admires vintage styles, research the designs from each era to find a period that suits her personal tastes. She might like the minimalist look of 1920’s art deco pieces if she often wears simple jewellery. Or she may prefer the intricate floral designs of the Victorian era. Always remind yourself of what she likes to influence the era you choose.

Resizing your piece

It’s important to remember that vintage engagement rings can be harder to resize. Over time, humans have got taller and become bigger than they were 100 years ago. So the ring that you buy may be on the small side. Some jewellers and online stores can offer a resizing service to you, but keep in mind that you may have to pay a fee to have the work carried out. Especially if the design is delicate and intricately made. You may need to include some additional money in your budget to have this work done by an expert to ensure it is done to a high quality. It’s always good to get a second opinion so take some pictures of potential rings into your local jewellers. That way you can ask for an approximate price and if the work can be done before you buy.

Buying a genuine item

The popularity of vintage engagement rings has meant that more and more options are available. But this does not mean they are always actual vintage pieces. Always buy from a reputable auction house or online store and ask for authenticity before you buy. Hallmarks on the metal and having the gemstones checked by a jewellery expert will tell you whether or not it is real. Remember if a price is too low, it’s probably because the quality is poor or because the ring is a copy rather than an original.

With these top tips in mind, you should find the perfect engagement ring for your partner. It’s essential that you do plenty of research and alway buy from certified jewellers.