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Weekend Warriors: Top Tips for Enjoying a Getaway with the Guys

Going on a weekend getaway with the guys is a fun way to relax and bond. And while it may not happen as often as you and your friends would like, you need to make it happen and get out of the tedium of going to the same bars or sporting events that you do every weekend and do something different.

There are plenty of ways that group of guys can find the time and place to get away from everything and have a fun experience someplace that’s different. While there may be a few annoying obstacles that stand in the way, there’s no reason not to think that a fun weekend is just a short plan away. So if you and your friends want to get away, here are a few pointers that may help you out.

Pick a Time


It may seem be a tough pill to swallow, but you and your friends are no longer kids with nothing to do but what you want. As you grow older, there will be some obstacles that prevent you from hanging out as often as you would like. This can especially be a problem if you are planning a weekend getaway.

The first thing you need to do is agree on a weekend. If there are five of you going, that means you are going to have to account for five different schedules, five different families and five very different lives. This can be tricky, so you and your friends need to sit down and figure out a time everyone can go. Chances are — especially with a large group — some guys will have to forgo other plans, which may take some time to rearrange.

Birthdays, family weekends and even work can pose problems. So hash it out with your friends and you’re sure to find a weekend that’s right for everyone.

Pick a Destination

Once you figure out when you are going to go, you need to find out where you want to. Again, with a large group this can be a tricky affair: some may want to spend the weekend at the beach, others at a casino and still others in a cabin in the mountain. There’s a good chance that the ideas are as varied as your friends are.

Figure out something you all have in common — you are friends for a reason, after all. If you all like golf, then a trip from a site like GolfingGetaways.com can end the debate relatively quickly. If everyone enjoys hunting, there are many clubs in the country and large tracts of land that you can rent for the weekend.

The only problem, really, is what to agree on. Once that happens, the possibilities are endless, even for a quick weekend getaway.

Take the Pressure Off


Remember, this weekend getaway is about having fun with your friends, so you shouldn’t let the planning stages get to you. Make it easier on yourself and use social media to plan your trip.

If you have trouble getting together for a weekend, it’s possible that even the thought of meeting during the busy weekdays is out of the question. Social media like Facebook will allow you and the guys to keep in contact and offer opinions whenever and wherever you are. Not only can this help keep things less stressful, you will benefit from the ease of use and may even find yourselves coming to a consensus sooner that you thought you would.

This will also let you easily share ideas on restaurants and accommodations easily, so everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about.


If you and your friends all have families and career responsibilities, it’s going to be stressful enough to plan the getaway without you having to do it all yourself. Make sure that you delegate the responsibilities of the trip throughout your group, so each person plays a small role in making the trip happen.

This means that one person books the accommodations, another makes any reservations that are necessary (restaurant reservations, tee times, etc.) and another is in charge of transportation. If you are flying to your destination, this can be a lot of responsibility for one person, so everyone should be responsible for buying their own tickets. Also, make sure everyone double checks that their responsibilities are taken care of before you leave for your getaway.

A weekend getaway with guys should be a fun, relaxing time, so make sure not to stress about it too much and plan ahead.

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