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9 Tips to Become the Next Big Fashion Blogger

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to start a fashion blog and become the Next Big Fashion Blogger, then you’re reading the right post.

In the last few years, fashion blogs have exploded in popularity and these tips could help you become the next big thing.

Get a great domain name and your own host

You should avoid starting your own blog on Blogger or Tumblr. Those things are promotional tools for your main blog or website.

If you really want to grow your brand and make money out of your fashion blog, you should have your own domain name and blog hosting to start a WordPress blog. This is what most of the best sites out there usually do.

What makes your blog unique?

To succeed online, you need to know what sets you apart from your competition. Always remember that there are millions of fashion blogs and you need to do something different to rank higher and attract more visitors. To tell you the truth and nothing but the truth competition is stiff and not as easy as you may now be thinking. Here are some great tips.

Publish the most incredible content your brain can create

Once you have created your own blog, don’t make a mistake of typing content in 5 minutes and publish it thinking that it will rank higher and increase  traffic.

Don’t just publish any content because you want to have time to go out and drink lattes. Blogging requires hard work. At times, it takes me 2 or 3 days to write only one blog post! To have a successful blog, you need to make your brain work really hard.

Network, network, network

Make a lot of friends. Be friends with other bloggers and your readers that are more awesome that you. Who knows? Maybe they could give you a helping hand. To make many friends,  you need to grow a mail list and be active in places like Google+.

Social Media

Social media is a huge part of the fashion blogger area and none are as popular as Instagram. The site is so visual it’s perfect for this sort of thing. Ensure you fill out your profile, learn how to take great photos and to get a boost in popularity consider using Vibbi to get some great Instagram views and likes. If your interested in becoming a blogger check out other blogs to find your style.

Come up with a theme.

Even if you want a photo which focuses on a pair of shoes you want to show off, showing a related item will add the perfect extra thing to your photo.

We just love the way this particular blogger has displayed her gray and neon green colored sneakers but has been able to add the perfect touch by matching tennis balls. This has created a story and also added a pop of color into her photo.

Bright colors are always the most eye-catching.

People scroll through feeds fast and this is why you need to have something that grabs their attention. Color does this in an amazing way. Whether you use  beautifully coordinated pastels or a bright graffiti wall you saw in a city, bright colors are the best way to earn more “likes”.

Perfect lighting makes a photo.

Even though lighting may look like such an obvious thing, not everyone out there understands how important it is when creating photos.

To get the best results, photograph in natural light. Even if you have to  go  outside or open  blinds in your apartment to get natural light it is worth the effort as it may make the difference between a great photo and one that is just okay. Here are some good lighting tips.

Organization is key to Become the Next Big Fashion Blogger

When taking a photo, ensure that you have the entire frame of the photo together before shooting. If you are shooting a flatlay, you have to make sure that everything is clean. Although this may also look obvious to you, it is a good thing to make sure.

When shooting an outfit, ensure that there is not visible trash on the ground or anything that may be distracting. It is all in details!