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Top Tips for Moving Abroad

Top Tips for Moving Abroad
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Top Tips for Moving Abroad

Whether you’re moving for a new job, heading to a foreign university or moving to be with the one you love, the entire process can be tedious, expensive and stressful at the same time as being one of the most exciting periods within your life.

There are many things that can be easily overlooked, whilst the bigger things like an income, packing your clothing and finding an apartment take priority. When you’re moving it is a great idea to save money where you can, to pack light to make your trip as cheap as possible and to plan in advance in order to not have any last minute surprises.

Top Tips for Moving Abroad
Resim Paul Brennan tarafından Pixabay

Unlocking your iPhone and iPad

For most of us when we buy an iPhone or iPad it is an investment, and getting rid of our phones because we simply moved abroad is completely implausible – however, as is the idea of keeping your phone and asking a family member to top it up from the UK once a week. Once you arrive, you’re going to have many chores to establish a new normal life and a working mobile phone is key to helping you out. I.e. you will want to use the maps to walk around to a  if you move there for example. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost. Same for groceries and just about everything else.

If you’re headed abroad, your iPhone and iPad can be unlocked to accept different network sim cards, meaning you can quickly and easily have a local phone as soon as you land (and you’ll be able to put your UK sim back in when you head home for holidays, or if you decide to move back).

Search up before you sign up

Before you move abroad and sign up for the first gym you can find, try exploring your options online beforehand and that way you can get a much bigger picture about what the cheapest and best option is. No matter where you’re going, you’re sure to be able to find a whole range of different options that can tailor for your needs, this gym in Singapore for example offers corporate and individual memberships, so if you’re moving with or for a business you can get everyone signed up and involved.

Forwarding Mailing Address

Forwarding Mailing Address
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Missing mail is one of the most difficult things about moving abroad. Whether it be lost bank statements, wedding invitations or just letters from loved ones – making sure you receive them wherever you are is of paramount importance.

Visit your local post office about creating a forwarding address for you. You can have the forwarding address go to a trusted family member who can monitor and forward on your mail. You can also opt for the Post Office’s mail redirect service where for a small fee your mail can be forwarded to whether you are – even abroad.

Go Paperless

Even if you don’t opt for a mail redirect service, your paper statements are wasting both money and paper every single time one is printed – not including the cost it takes to get those statements to you wherever you are in the world.

Speak to your bank about switching to online banking and online statements – that way you will still be in full control of your money, be able to monitor what goes in and out and without it burning a small hole in your pocket whilst doing so.

Pallet Shipping

If you have a few boxes of clothing coming with you to your new destination, it can be an idea to look into pallet shipping, rather than lugging all your belongings into three or four suitcases and paying the extortionate extra luggage fees.

Sell all your old clothing and find a couple of boxes to pack your belongings – then stack them on the pallet and load it until it is full – unlike luggage you have a much better weight limit without extra costs!

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