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Extreme Sport Stag Weekends

Extreme Sport Stag Weekends
Photo by Muhammad Taufik on Unsplash

Your stag do is your last weekend of freedom and the perfect excuse to go all out with the lads for one last time. But for many men, a weekend of just drinking just doesn’t cut it anymore – instead of doing something they can enjoy on any weekend, many men are opting to host an Extreme Sport Stag weekends with a difference.

Whether you’re into sport or not, there is a class of sports – extreme – that take sporting activities to a whole new level, especially when you involve your best mates and a couple of beers. But what is the best extreme sport to enjoy on your stag weekend?

Extreme Sport Stag Weekends
Photo by Muhammad Taufik on Unsplash


Classically, shooting is an Englishman’s sport. Once a sport strictly redistricted to the upper classes, shooting is now a favorite amongst men and women up and down the country. A recent surge in popularity has encouraged the opening of shooting ranges all over Europe, with Prague being one of the most popular choices, due to the added advantage of cheap booze!


Surfing may not seem like you first choice for a stag weekend, but with such accessibility to the cheap beaches of Europe, there is little reason not to get on your wetsuit and hit the waves. Portugal, France and Cornwall offer both excellent surfing, surfing classes, cheap accommodation and cheaper drinks.

Paint Balling

Paintballing is a classic stag do event – however, heading to your local range is a thing of the past. Europe’s competitive markets have caused a surge in paint balling ranges all over Europe, meaning prices are low and experiences are amazing. Places like Spain offer great deals on flights, hotels and a weekend of paint balling.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
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White water rafting is not for the faint hearted – hurtling through rapids, careering around rocks and trying to stay in the boat can appear somewhat of a challenge. However those who try it are not quiet about how great the experience was. Throughout the UK and Europe there are a whole host of areas where you can embrace your inner adrenaline junkie and jump right in.


Racing will always be a boys sport – it’s the first thing we watch on TV with our Dad’s as kids, it sparks our love for go-carting, and for many of us the little boy racer in us all is there for life. To feed the boy racer in you, why not book a couple of days of racing with your best mates, and enjoy a weekend of fulfilling your childhood dreams.

Gorge Walking

Gorge walking is an unknown extreme sport for many. It is the collective term for hiking streams and rivers: abseiling and scaling waterfalls, navigating the gorges and making your way from one end of the stream to the other. North Wales offers a range of gorge walking opportunities that have long been popular amongst stag parties, if a weekend of extreme, adrenaline filled water sports sound like your idea of the perfect stag weekend – look no further.


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