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6 Best Adventure Places to Visit in the World

Adventure Places to visit

The word ‘adventure’ means different things to different travellers. For a kid, it can be the thrill of spotting a dolphin, for teens, it can be a state of the art high-speed roller coaster ride and to adults, it can be an intense dive from an airplane. With countries trying to woo travellers to explore their regions by finding ways to keep them intrigued and interested, there is no shortage of finding adventure experiences in the world. But certain destinations have a better advantage over others when it comes to adventure travel and these places are a haven for adventure seekers. Here are some of the best places to visit in the world for an adventure holiday.

1. Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Dubai is usually known for its luxury and larger than life quotient. However, the emirate has also found several ways to entertain all genres of travellers. Hence, there is no doubt that adventure seekers can have a fantastic time here. The surrounding Arabian desert itself proves to be a stunning playground for dune bashing, sand boarding, quad biking, and dune buggy rides to name a few. Don’t let the glitzy, towering skyscrapers fool you. Hidden amongst these modern structures are some of the best adrenaline rushing thrills and rides. Believe it or not, you can go scuba diving and swim with dolphins in Dubai. Head to Atlantis The Palm for scuba diving sessions amid rich and colourful marine life. The Aquaventure Park offers some of the best daredevil thrill rides, some of which will hurl you through a vertical tube or plunge through shark-infested surrounds. Dubai Marina is another adventure hotspot in Dubai that hosts a range of activities such as skydiving, wakeboarding, surfing, jet-skiing, flyboarding to name a few. With every year, Dubai adds something interesting to its list of adventures which are worth experiencing on a Dubai trip. So if you are thrilled about adventure sports, then apply for a Dubai visa online and plan for a Dubai vacation with some of these adventure sports included in your itinerary.

2. Orlando – United States of America

Orlando United States of America

Orlando is absolutely thrilling for kids, teens, and adults as it is the hub of theme parks in the USA. With an amazing array of amusement parks such as the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Orlando, there are countless adventure rides to look forward to. But that’s not all! Orlando has some of the best and unique adventure sports zones in the whole of USA. Glide into the adventure mood with hot air ballooning ride over Orlando to catch a bird’s eye view of this wonderful destination. Later, head to Wekiwa Springs State Park to splash around in emerald springs or spend the day on horseback rides or canoeing. Orlando is also home to adventure parks where you can enjoy nature treks, zip lining, canopy walks and nature obstacle courses where you swing from tightropes from trees and walk on wobbly suspended bridges. Orlando has numerous scenic lakes which are perfect to enjoy the sunshiny day paddle boating or kayaking.

3. Interlaken – Switzerland

Interlaken Switzerland

Those who love extreme sports, Interlaken is the perfect place to visit. Inarguably, this Swiss mountain retreat is awe-inspiringly picturesque and this is the main reason why globe trotters flock to Interlaken. The journey to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe itself is a big adventures feat which you should not miss on an Interlaken visit. But the high mountainous altitude and dramatic topography offer the perfect landscape for countless extreme adventures and allures sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Feel the crisp mountain breeze along with the adrenaline surge as you soar above the scenic mountains and the idyllic lakes on paragliders and hang gliders offering you a stunning aerial view of the region. The meandering lakes and torrents offer amazing opportunities for rapid river rafting. During winters, the landscapes are sheathed in pristine white blankets of snow. These are perfect for skiing, sledding, snow tubing, and snowboarding. If you get a kick out of daring stunts, try bungee jumping, canyon swinging in the freezing cold winter ambiances. Activities like vertical ice climbing and skydiving in Interlaken are definitely not for faint-hearted. When the snowy landscapes thaw away to snow-capped mountains, you can enjoy the fresh blooms and charming wilderness of Switzerland on mountain biking, trekking and hiking tours. Interlaken is one of the best places to travel in the world to experience tranquility and breathtaking natural sceneries with a twist of adventure.

4. Queenstown – New Zealand

Queenstown New Zealand

Known as the ‘adventure capital of the world’, Queenstown does not need an introduction when it comes to adventure vacations. Every thrill seeker will find something that suits his or her taste in adventure experience in Queenstown. Air activities, indoor thrills, watersports, off beaten tours – whatever type of adventure you are searching, you will be able to experience it in Queenstown. Famous for extreme sports, the gutsy travellers can test their daring levels with various types of bungy jumping styles, canyon swings, and skydiving sessions. Queenstown is also known for uncanny adventures like zorbing, Canyon Swings, and Ledge Swings. For mild adventurers, there is hot air ballooning, scenic flights, mountain treks and walking hikes to explore and enjoy. Don’t miss on lake adventures where you can gear up for a day filled with water thrills and choose from leisure boating and canoeing to hardcore water adventures such as jet boating and rapid river rafting. The best thing about adventure places in Queenstown is that you get to witness intense thrills amid gorgeous scenic panoramas.

5. Canadian Rockies – Canada

Canadian Rockies

The majestic Canadian Rockies is abundant in nature’s splendour. Its rugged terrain and pristine valleys are one of the best holiday destinations that beckon travellers to revel in its natural beauty. The popular way to experience these stunning vistas is by rail tours or scenic drives. However, the destination can be explored in an adventurous way and are quite famous for its thrill experiences. The Banff National Park offers impressive settings of nature’s tranquility and charms. The terrains shrouded in the wilderness offers numerous breathtaking nature trails with mesmerizing views. Winters in the Canadian Rockies are not an excuse to stay indoors. In fact, this is the time to put on your skis and have fun in the snowy landscapes. You can venture out for skiing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, dog sledding, and heli-skiing tours. The Ice Glacier walks are by far the most unique adventure to look forward to at the Canadian Rockies. The views of Athabasca Glacier’s icy blue hues would leave you spellbound. The Canadian Rockies truly lets you appreciate the beauty of nature and reconnect with some of the modest yet jaw-dropping eco-settings in the world. Canadian Rockies’ amazing beauty is beyond comparison. Club it up with adrenaline rushing adventures and it becomes every nature lover and adventure seeker’s favourite holiday retreat.

6. Landmannalaugar – Iceland

Landmannalaugar Iceland

If you haven’t given a thought about visiting Iceland, you are missing out on an extraordinary experience. Iceland feels otherworldly – the mossy foliage, black beach shores, volcanic terrains, gorgeous fjords, every element of nature spills bespoke beauty. Iceland is known as the ‘land of fire and ice’ because of its stunning landscapes fused with volcanic terrain and glaciers. Landmannalaugar is one of the many places in Iceland that takes your breath away with stellar vistas. These highlands take you through experiences that you will never experience anywhere else. Flanked by colossal mountains, the region offers a surprise at every junction. On a trekking expedition, you will find yourself surrounded by colourful hilly terrains with steam rising out of the earth’s surface. Wondering the reason for this? It is because these fascinating highlands are a part of an active volcanic terrain. Does an overnight camping at a volcanic terrain excite you? Then this place should feature on your travel bucket list. But you don’t have to get worried about an eruption, as the last volcanic activity around here was way back in the 1400s. The trek to the highland can be quite strenuous but the scenic vistas of contrasting colours and vibrant moss and wild foliage are worth the effort. Of all the places to visit in the world, this Icelandic nature hike will be one of the best experiences etched in your memory for a lifetime.

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