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Are Communication Skills Holding Back Your Personal Growth?

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Communication skills are a true imperative. From ordering dinner to brokering a deal, everything that you accomplish hinges on your ability to communicate.

That in mind, it does stand to reason that your communication skills could use a touch up. Why? Communication imperfections may be holding back your personal growth.

It is important for most people in the modern world to be able to say what they mean with clarity and confidence. Still, many people struggle with this.

You don’t have to be one of them. Today we will look at a few ways that you can empower your personal growth by improving your communication skills.

Importance of Communication

Virtually every interaction that you experience throughout the day hinges on your ability to communicate. Granted, sometimes the stakes are small. The clerk at the gas station will give you change for a twenty regardless of how well you can communicate your needs.

However, there is no denying that communication skills are the basis on which people will develop their impressions of you.

Communication Skills

Your communication skills are what earn you friends, get you jobs, and allow you to establish a presence in your community.

You could be the coolest guy in town. No one will know if you can’t communicate.

Importance of Communication in Digital Age

In the digital age, communication skills are more important than ever. Why? Because now, even when we are alone, we are still communicating.

Texting, email, and social media make communication a constant part of life. A firm grasp of communication in the digital age can actually be beneficial not just socially, but professionally as well.

Digital communication isn’t just for reaching out to friends. These days email, online advertisements, and social media are the primary ways that companies connect with their clients and customers.

An understanding of how to best reach those clients and customers is a skill set that employers value deeply.

And of course, there is also internal digital workplace communications to consider. The ability to succinctly and appropriately respond to the digital messages of workplace superiors is a vital part of any job.

Why Communication is essential for Relationships

Of course, we cannot discount the value of communication in relationships. Anyone that has been in a romantic relationship before is probably going to understand exactly where we are coming from with this point.

The ability to clearly convey your thoughts and feelings to a partner will ultimately be the difference between a happy match, and a disappointing separation.

Good communication involves setting aside time to talk and making a sincere effort to connect with the person you are in a relationship with.

If you struggle with this, you aren’t alone. Intimacy can be challenging for many people. If you struggle with communicating openly with your partner, consider the assistance of professional tips or even intervention to help aid in the process.

Connection Between Communication, EQ & Leadership

There is no denying that in our society, it is the good communicators that rise to the top as a leader.  This is likely largely a product of EQ- or emotional intelligence. The ability to understand the potential emotional reaction a person or audience will have to a statement.

In fact, emotional intelligence is four times more likely to lead to success than a high IQ is.

With a high emotional intelligence, leaders are better able to amicably resolve conflicts. As a result, they enjoy higher productivity, and all around better results from their subordinates. If you can get a message across in a way that resonates with your intended audience, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room.

Tips for Improving Communication Skills:

If you struggle with communication, there are things that you can do to get better. Many tips are really simple. Start making better eye contact. Learn to really zero in on the person that you are speaking with. Try to ask questions as you speak to better maintain the give and take nature of communication.

Remember that improvement probably will not happen overnight. Communication is just like any other skill. To get good at it, you need practice.

Over time though, you will gain confidence, and find that your communication skills have improved more than you would have previously thought possible.


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