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A Gentleman’s Guide to America

You sir, this guide well help the fine gentlemen like yourself through the exciting and vibrant cities of America. In this guide, you’ll get the look, know the bars and find the best activities as you enjoy your stay in the land of opportunities. Before heading out to the States, make sure you plan and prepare for your travels. By clicking on www.esta-visa.org.uk, you’ll be able to obtain an ESTA travel visa; therefor, you can show the states how much of the gentleman you truly are without having the worry of being declined entry to the country.

The fashion

You may think that dressing like a gentleman can become rather expensive, but fear not, you are in safe hands- here are a few tips to get the public giving you that double look whilst in you are in America. Know your measurements; this is a must, plain and simple. Memorize them; make a spreadsheet, whatever you can, because you’d be surprised at how cheap it can make certain items. Know your surroundings- have an understanding on what the style is wherever you are going in America; therefore you’ll be able to fit in right away. And the biggest tip, go vintage, it will make you look more authentic and suave for all those ladies.

The bars


To show off how much of a gentleman you truly are, going to the best bars in a necessity. So here are some bars worth checking out: The porch light- 271 Eleventh Avenue, New York- Good Luck 50 Anderson Avenue, Rochester- Dullboy 364 Grove Street, Jersey City- Turf Supper Club 1116 Twenty-Fifth Street, San Diego. These Bars offer a range of cool drinks and the decor of each bar is somewhat abstracted offering something more than just your generic bar.

The location

If you’re a singleton heading to the America, feeling all confident, as you now believe you have become that suave gentleman you’ve always dreamed of, then these 5 locations should be straight on your check list in the hope of finding that one true love. Baltimore, Maryland, this city has the highest number of women to single men. The ratio is 125 single women of every 100 single men and with the low costs of living in Baltimore; it makes it the perfect destination for a fine gentleman. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The best thing about this place is that it rarely ever lets you down. There’s always something to do, which makes it easier when planning a date. The city has rich arts and culture scenes and some of the best clubs in the state. To end the list is none other than Boston, Massachusetts. It’s perfect for bachelor as it’s a university town. The universities are world renowned, so you’ll have no problem in finding your desired, well-educated lady. To top this off, the houses are cheap and the city has a lot to offer, so I guess you better start booking that flight now.  With ESTA-Visa you can… it will give you the opportunity to travel to any one of these   cities in the hope of finding the one true love.

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