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Best European Cities for a Long Weekend

 Sometimes, doing that grind in your 9-5 job- week in and week out, will soon start to tire you out physically and mentally. At the end of the day, we’re not robots. We need a break to rejuvenate ourselves so we can repeat that grind once more, because that’s what life is about… isn’t it? So stop whatever you are doing and read this post so you can imagine yourself somewhere far away from your work and the most stressful thing you’ll need to think about is how much you spent on cocktails the night before. When planning a trip across Europe, make sure you prepare and check if you need to complete an e111-renewal because it is so important in having an EHIC health to insure you are covered if any accidents were to occur. Now that you are all covered, let’s have a look at what Europe has to offer.


 Such a beautiful and well cultured city, Rome’s mild Mediterranean climate is a persuasive draw for visitors from the cool north or Western Europe. But what draws you in most is the pulsating energy that this city has to offer. The Italian city embodies the theatrical essence and this provides some great entertainment and if you’re not much of a thespian, then there are enough quirky shops and landscapes for you to enjoy. Oh and let’s not forget the huge amounts of mouth-watering pizza.



 If you’re into architectural styles and galleries, then you should book your weekend away here ASAP! With Gothic facades to produce a sense of awe to the harlequin buildings of the Modernistas and the beautiful skyline-piercing constructions of Jean Nouvel will literally make you spend your daysadmiring everything in your surroundings. Then once that is all done, you can relax on one of the city’s seven beaches before you tuck into some scrumptious tapas.


One of most popular destination for a range of ages across the whole of Europe, Amsterdam has so much to offer. With the buzz of a metropolis, the city is small enough to walk or cycle almost anywhere you want and proving to never have a dull moment. The art work is beautiful giving the city a ‘hipsterish’ look, as the dinky gabled buildings and pretty bridges engrosses you in an outstanding cultural environment. Whether you’re looking for something calm and relaxing or you want to show your rebellious and contemporary streak, Amsterdam is the place you might like to visit.



A city well worth checking out with your other half, with art nouveau splendours hugging a curve of the Danube, Budapest guarantees genteel romance. With a range of old fashion café’s and redefined bath’s, you and your partner will soon gather a sense of euphoria as you indulge yourself in the utter sweet relaxation. The city offers a nice juxtaposition of Goulash communism and fascinating modern history which will provide a good stay over your weekend. There much to do in this city, you’ll come back knowing more about the history and your body will be fully recharged to tackle whatever life throws at you.

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