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Fly South for the Winter to One of These Warm Weather Destinations

Winter is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should put away those retro swim trunks you practically lived in all summer. Lots of locations, at-home and abroad, have high temperatures during the winter in the northern hemisphere. For example, Anguilla (in the Caribbean) has an average temperature of eighty-three degrees in January. If you’re someone who suffers through winter, especially post-holidays, you’ll get a dose of summertime spirit that can carry you through to spring. These destinations are some of the warmest in the world and, as an added benefit, prices are often reduced for winter travels.

You’ll want to pack the standard beach gear and apparel, so gents dig up those classic retro boardshorts you donned all summer and a ball, and ladies get the bikinis and tanning lotion back out! Many of these places will provide you the towels and beach chairs you need, sometimes along with tables and umbrellas, too. Don’t forget a few pairs of sunnies!

The Caribbean: Anguilla, Maundays Bay

The Caribbean is perfect for winter getaways because it’s always warm, including the ocean which has an average January temperature of seventy-seventy degrees. And you can leave your umbrella at home because the Caribbean’s dry season starts in January. You won’t have to worry about monsoons ruining your vacation.

It’s not too pricey to travel to Anguilla, which Coastal Living describes as a storybook-esque hideaway with beautiful beachfront villas. The site recommends the Cap Juluca beachfront guest rooms, but you can find plenty of private residences to rent on AirBnB. An entire beachfront home is yours to rent if you don’t want to suffer the company of strangers.

The United States: Oahu, Hawaii


Although winter is Hawaii’s rainy season, the weather is still warm and the rains never linger too long. You can still have an amazing vacation and you don’t even have to pack a passport, but you should expect daily rains so bring your umbrella. Expect daytime temperatures in the low eighties and evening temperatures in the mid-high sixties.

Oahu is one of the best islands for a winter getaway because it’s less developed, and will provide you with the relaxation you crave. Moreover, the island is festive all winter long. Events include street festivals, marathons, holiday craft fairs, and a Sake appreciation festival. For summer-like activities, go surfing, hike, or swim in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll save the most money by booking a private residence, such as through AirBnB, but there are plenty of upscale and luxury hotels to choose from too.

Indonesia: Kuta, Bali


Bali is part of the Coral Triangle, which is “an area with the highest diversity of marine species in the world.” When you visit you’ll want to snorkel, so you can see the dizzying array of marine species for yourself. Just be prepared for a little rain, as winter is a bit more rainy than average. Bali’s average wintertime temperatures are a comfortable eighty-one degrees, so next to your umbrella you can pack for warm sunny afternoons and swimming in the comfortable warm water.

Although all of Bali is beautiful, Kuta is the destination that will give you the most summery experience. It’s popular with surfers because of the long sandy beaches and there’s plenty of opportunity for oceanside activity, such as swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, and more. The area is rich in luxury hotels and inns, but the high quality villas are ideal for large traveling families.

Warm-weather getaways are entirely possible even during cold stateside winters. The world is full of summery destinations, and as previously mentioned the prices are often better during these off-season months. Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico, and even Hong Kong are a few more examples of places you can go to enjoy summer weather during the cold winters. In fact, there are destinations on every continent except Antarctica that can satisfy your need for warmth during winter.

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