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Update Your Home With These Easy Upgrades

We as men, view our home as our castle. We work hard so we can come home, take off our shoes, sit down in our lazy boy chair and have a scotch on the rocks.

Of course, we also tend to have our friends over to watch the game from time to time and once in a while are in a relationship so that the opposite sex can frequent our homes. Of course, we as men can put up with the same ole set up around the house, while women can see in a different spectrums proven by science.

If you happen to be sick of seeing the same set up around your home and want to upgrade your home, there are easy upgrades that any guy can handle. Today, we will be going over the easy upgrades you can add to your home.

Six Simple Upgrade Ideas for Your Home

  1. Kitchen: Faux Granite Countertops


Do you have boring one shade countertops in your kitchen and wish you had decorative granite? Well now, it’s possible without breaking the bank. Granite countertops are very costly, whereas if you DIY using the faux style the process can cost $100 to $200 on average. You’ll have everyone in awe once you get done.

  1. Bathroom: Vessel Sinks


The problem with bathrooms is they really haven’t changed that much when it comes to the sink. Sure you might get different faucets, which can add glam to your bathroom but the sink itself hasn’t changed until recently. The new trend is to have a porcelain vessel sink. This can really do wonders for your bathroom, and you can get a lot of compliments from others.

  1. Throughout the House: Vinyl Flooring

Everyone would love to put in new floors, particularly if they are wood or even marble, but who has money for that? One of the best hidden secrets to have stylish wooden-like floors or marble-like floors is to uses self-adhesive vinyl flooring.

DIY has never been easier and at a low cost. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring costs around six to seven dollars for a square foot on average and comes in a variety of options. Never again will you have to worry about what kind of flooring is right for you.

  1. Art throughout the House


Do you have eyesores that are scattered throughout the house? You may have a thermostat that looks out of place or even a shelf for your knicks and knacks. This can look out of the way and can easily be covered by a concealable work of art.

  1. Fixtures throughout the House

Do you have tacky fixtures that look like they belong in the 1970s? This is an easy item to replace. You could always put in ceiling fans in the bedrooms to help cut down on cost while staying cool. You could also put in modern fixtures in the kitchen and dining room to give you more of a modern feel.

  1. Programmable Thermostat

If you have a thermostat that is older than you are, you might think about replacing it. With a programmable thermostat, you can save money as it regulates when to turn on the heat. Newer models have sensors and if you’re not home and forget to turn down the heat, it does it for you.


Living in this day and age, we need to upgrade our homes once in awhile and increasing technology and new durable materials makes this possible. Stop living in a one tone color environment and join us in the 21st century.