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Top 5 Cities For Aspiring Single Gentlemen

There’s a lot of information about the best cities for families, best places to raise kids and the cities where it’s better to buy than rent. But there’s rarely information about the best places for Single Gentlemen. If you’re at that stage in life where all you want to do is focus on your career and live by yourself, these cities might be the places for a quick move now.

  1. Baltimore, Maryland

Of all these cities on this list, Baltimore has the highest number of women to single men. The ratio is 125 single women for every 100 single gentlemen. The lower cost of living in Baltimore makes it the perfect destination for an aspiring gentleman.

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The best thing about Philly is that it never lets you down. There’s always something to do here which makes it easy to plan a date night. The city has rich arts and culture scene, and some of the best clubs in the state. Museums, concerts, live jazz clubs, and the juicy Philly cheesesteaks all make this a great place to move to if you’re single.

Pat's King of Steaks Philly Cheesesteak

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  1. Washington, D.C.

Young professionals from all over the country come over to Washington, DC, and they’re not all looking for jobs in politics. The proportion of single women to men is 123 to 100, but the higher cost of living is surely a drawback. If you manage to get a local job, however, you will more than likely cover the expenses and have enough to live on. Washington is surely worth moving to. It’s lively, energetic and well-connected.

  1. New York City, New York

Here’s the thing with the Big Apple – it’s noisy, dirty and really expensive. Going out will likely cost you more than you’d ever expect. The bills are high and rents are through the roof. Simply finding a place to live is a challenge. But, there is absolutely no place better to be a single man. The city is the very center of American culture and you could spend a lifetime here without ever getting bored. It’s the best city to live in, so long as you’re earning more than average.


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  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a university town, which is what makes it perfect for bachelors. The universities are world renowned, so you’ll find a constant stream of young, well-educated single people stream in year after year. The houses are cheap and the city has a lot to offer.

Picking where to live is a deeply personal choice. But if you’re young and restless, any of these cities will be worth moving to. Try to find a city that appeals to you. Somewhere you feel you can manage to live, get the job you like, and make friends.