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Cornwall, An Overlooked Corner of the Earth

It’s easy to forget about Cornwall. As a matter of fact, there are a good number of people out there that think about Britain as being English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish and forget that there’s another major culture tucked away in the far southwest corner of that little island.

And truthfully, that’s a bit of a shame. Cornwall has a lot to offer for newbie travelers and seasoned globe crossers alike.

The city of Penzance (after which is named the famous “Pirates of Penzance”) is a very idiosyncratic place with a unique and special history and culture. This is because Cornwall is one of the most westerly ports in the region, and it was a very convenient launching point for various expeditions back in the day. And yes, it was most definitely a hangout for pirates, it being often also the first European port they would hit on their way back from a season of looting and plundering.

Today, the town is much calmer, but still retains much of the color and flair of its history. You will find the local culture to be unlike anything else you encounter anywhere in the UK. You can enjoy the locals’ unique sense of humor and don’t forget to try the famous Cornish pasties, which as anybody from there will tell you, you can only properly get in Cornwall itself.

But there is much more to Cornwall than just one place. For example, the area sports are definitely the best beaches in the UK for swimming, and frankly, they can be counted among the best of Europe.

Also, keep in mind that camping in Cornwall is an amazing experience. The summer is definitely the best time for this, as you will have beautiful views and dragonflies flitting around everywhere. There are many options for camping, ranging from completely roughing it to renting cabins that have all the comforts you had back home but are surrounded by a gorgeous green paradise, also close to beaches and cliffs that will take your breath away. See the sides where famous lords and ladies were residing in the past. Speaking of lords, did you know that you can become a lord online? How cool would it be to travel Cornwall with a lord title to your name? Very cool

Perran Springs Holiday Park, located at Goonhavern, Truro Cornwall TR4 9QG, is our favorite camping spot in Cornwall for various reasons, mainly the fact that they have just so many options for the camping experience. This means they can tailor your vacation to your own specific budgets, needs, wants, and desires. Trust us, you may just enjoy your vacation so much that you’ll never want to leave.

So the next time you are thinking of that UK vacation, keep Cornwall in mind. It’s often unexplored but never disappointing.