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Using Social Media to Keep Students Reading and Learning on Cold Weather Days

Winter is coming, and most students have holidays. If you are one of the teachers who want to keep your students informed about the latest discovery in Science, or you want them to learn a new formula in Mathematics, then utilizing social media can be the answer. By using all the tricks on how you can keep students reading and learning, you may involve even those who do not like studying, try to cheat during the exams, or order professional help to complete their homework on free assignment samples or any other website.

Why and How Can the Use of Social Media Keep Students Reading and Learning?

Social Media

Although there are a lot of platforms out there where you can connect with students even if they are out of school, social media should be your first choice. If you are looking for the reasons, here are some of them:

  1. Students Use Social Media to Know What’s Going On

In order to be up-to-date with the lives of their classmates or friends, many students use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is where they can usually plan gatherings in winter, be up-to-date with the latest skiing lessons, and just know whether their classmates are dating someone they know from other schools.

Instead of them spending their time stalking other Facebook or Instagram profiles, you might want to encourage them in the latest studies by sending the links of videos and other helpful but entertaining articles. Facebook has a way for the articles to be published on pages, and students can simply click on these links to know more.

  1. Most Students Use Social Media for Instant Messages

There are a lot of students who message their friends and families during the winter season. Most of them are stuck at home, sending birthday greetings and good mornings through instant messaging apps. Since this is the case for most of them, you can utilize social media to create group messaging.

When you create a group message that is exclusive to students enrolled in your class, you will be able to send them helpful tips, equations that can solve most of their Math problems, art trivia, and other videos that they can watch within the comforts of their homes. You can even organize live streams and video calls that show you teaching them how to solve some of the math assignments.

  1. A Lot of Experts are Present in Social Media

Social media is all about connecting with people that have the same interests as you. You can help your students connect to experts about subjects that they are interested in through social media. There are a lot of free webinars, tutorials, and Facebook groups that can help them do more during the cold season. A mentor or coach can empower them to awake potential.

Getting an expert in the field that can illuminate various subjects can make them interested in studying and reading. They won’t be bored staring at the fireplace when it is snowing outside. Instead, the students will even be delighted that they can find something useful to do regardless of the weather.

  1. Announcements are Frequently Viewed

Students can view important announcements or scheduled changes in the university through social media. Some of them do not bother to check the school’s website during semester breaks. However, if you utilize social media platforms to communicate the latest campus’ news, there’s a bigger chance that they can see it when they open their newsfeeds.

Another helpful feature of social media is that it allows sharing and tagging the people who need to know what’s going on, which means that the students won’t have a chance of missing out any important announcements if they are always online.

  1. Helps with Research

There are lots of useful resources that you can find in social media platforms. If you are looking to extract data, polls, trivia, and other helpful content, you might find all of them in a single group. There are people who have opinions about a particular topic. There are experts that you can find everywhere.

This is where students can compile interesting and real news that can provide them with plenty of useful content for thesis or essays. Learners who have assignments can gain more understanding or insights into the subject they are writing about. They can even message people who have the authority to discuss a particular topic that they are working on.

Other Things where Social Media Can be Useful to Students

social media networking

  1. Gives them Social Credibility

People nowadays do not just believe the news and titbits that they read on social media. If one of the students do the extra mile of researching a subject in an in-depth manner, they can build a profile, which people will trust. They can build a solid portfolio for their future careers if they have enough time to research a subject during winter breaks.

  1. Build a Network of Supporters

Aside from the students learning something from reading books and studies on social media, they can also share their learnings with other people who are researching the same topic. If they have built a large network of supporters, they can discover that learning is a fun and pleasant process. There will never be a dull moment for them if they discover what social media can do in their studies.


Students who do not have a lot of activities during the cold winter break, which can benefit a lot from social media. If you are one of their professors, you can utilize the many social platforms that the young use in order to learn something new. As a result, after a winter break, they can come back armed with new knowledge they have gained in their free time.

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