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A Guide To Planning The Ultimate Wedding Party

Planning a wedding party is no easy task, and would normally be the domain of an event planner, who would have the necessary organizational skills and experience to ensure a smooth operation on the big day, and if you have volunteered or been assigned with this task, there is much to think about. Of course, the venue is the first thing on the list and armed with an approximate number of guests, the search can begin.

Marquee Hire

If you’re lucky enough to have adequate space in your garden, renting a marquee or two is the obvious choice, or failing that, find a plot of land with adequate parking and talk to the owner about a short-term rental. Australians love the outdoor lifestyle and wherever you happen to live, sourcing a marquee hire company is easy with a Google search, but before you do that, it is wise to make a comprehensive list of all the items you will need, as the marquee provider would stock everything you need (except for the bride and groom). There’s a company that specializes in party hire in Melbourne, and there you have a one-stop solution, and at very reasonable rates, which will help you to stay within budget.

The Dance Floor

No wedding party would be complete without that essential boogie platform, and with everyone really letting go, a few planks on the ground will simply not do. The party hirer would have dance floors that come in solid sections that can be interconnected to give you a sturdy dance platform as big or as small as you like, and they even have shaded walkways, which is ideal if your gathering is on the large side. The marquee hire company has all the essential components, plus quite a few options, such as laser light shows and photo booths, and with online solutions, your task as an event planner is much easier. Once you have compiled a list, an online search will take you to a local party hire outfit, and from then on, you can focus on other aspects (and there are many) of the up and coming event.

Food & Beverage

This is the big-ticket item, and it isn’t something you can afford to take chances with, and unless you happen to have an army of willing helpers, it is wise to enlist the help of a professional outside caterer. They would have a range of set menus, which would include tasty buffets – the fashionable wedding menu nowadays – and their service would be inclusive of waiting tables, serving, and clearing away at the end of the party. The bar(s) must be well-stocked, and you need to decide if drinks are free, or at some point, the guests pick up the tab, and with the number of guests firmly in mind, plan for a little more than you need of everything. Ice should be unlimited of course, and if you don’t have an ice making machine, the party hire company would have you covered.


This has to be spot on, and as you obviously know the guests, plan accordingly. Live music works, but you need to mix things up, and a suitable comedian spot 3 or 4 times during the evening would balance things out. A professional media company would be ideal, but this is a costly service and unless you have a very big budget, a DIY solution is advised. The Internet can help you source a local band, or if you prefer, call in a DJ and you can hire all equipment from the party hire company, which has a range of sound and light systems for hire.

Parking and Overnight Accommodation

We all know that weddings are events where people like to let their hair down, and you should make provisions for overnight stayers, as will likely be a few. A local hotel that is sourced in advance would be ideal, or if you’re having a garden wedding reception, then whatever space you have in the home can be prepared to accommodate overnight guests. Parking is something to consider, and knowing the number of guests allows you to estimate the number of vehicles you will need to accommodate. If you have hired a wedding venue, they would have adequate parking for your guests and don’t forget signage, as many guests will be unfamiliar with the area. Any important guest info can be included in the invitation, which will make things easier for everyone.

The key to a successful event is planning and preparation, and with online suppliers of everything you need, and a firm budget in mind, you should be able to plan a wedding party that will be remembered for all the right reasons.