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Is There A Best Place For Stag Do?

A wedding on the horizon, the dates are set, and now there is the question of the planning. But let’s be honest, while the ladies are dreaming and chatting all about the wonderful wedding plans and the day she has always dreamed about, the first thing that pops into the guys minds- is the stag weekend away with the boys. And if you’re the best man the pressure is on!  

#1: First of all, determine who the decision maker is

Usually everyone will have loads of ideas and it’s a great idea to start with a first meeting and listen to each other but then as the saying goes “too many chefs in the kitchen …” So, you will need to decide who will come up with the final options to present before the group.

#2: Also, consider the Personality of the Groom

After all this is his “big weekend”! So, what types of activities is he into?

  •    more laid back or adrenaline packed,
  •    are you looking for a more classy or ruin bar type weekend?

Will you prank him, and if so, how far should you go without making him feel too uncomfortable. Finding the right prank can be a challenge as if overdone it can be offensive. Rather aim to definitely put him out of his comfort zone while ensuring loads laughter.

#3: During the first meeting decide on a Budget.

This will give the organizer, usually the best man, a direction in which to start looking what the Destination should be, whether in-land or go all out and jump abroad.

Also, it will give you an idea on approx. what you have to spend on activities, accommodation and of course loads of drinking.

#3: When contemplating having a stag do inland vs. abroad

You will need to consider the extra time to fly abroad and that travel may be more costly. Also think about group dynamics! A very rowdy group might have a harder time if anything goes wrong abroad and you end up needing to deal with injuries hospitals, in a foreign language, or if something goes really crazy – the police.

If you go abroad we strongly suggest booking with a local Stag do organiser so that you always have a local guide with you, and the organising company can assist you with any immediate requests or challenges.

On the upside, going abroad and taking the boys away for a weekend they will never forget – into the unknown, will make it legendary. Activities are usually much more comforting to the pocket, and often far more varied. Foreign girls are gorgeous, alcohol is much cheaper and getting some sightseeing in as well in a mesmerizing European city are unbeatable. And not to mention: what happens abroad stays abroad!

Location first!

So, you’ve decided to look abroad, now the question is where. There are so many different countries available however it’s rather important to choose a country which welcomes Stag dos and are set up to accommodate Stag groups with regards to:

Hospitality: who wants to be met with disdained faces everywhere you go on your Stag do?

Safety: don’t get ripped off in places trying to take advantage of Stag do groups on alcohol. Yes, that’s a “thing” now.

Prices: East & Central Europe are cheaper when it comes to alcohol & activities then rivals in the West and South of Europe

Entertainment value in activities and amazing Night Life:

There is a Wild West from the glamour of Paris to the smoke & red lights in Amsterdam to the beaches in Spain.

And then there is the Legendary East – that has become outrageously famous when it comes to its Nightlife, the beautiful women, adrenaline packed activities and all other things secretly peeking behind the once “iron curtain”

The current top two Stag do destinations, and rightly so, are Budapest and Prague.

If the groom is adventurous and would prefer a Stag do that includes 2-3 activities where the group creates memories together shooting guns, driving tanks, riverboat cruising, amazing Nightlife everywhere you go and others in the group may also like to visit a strip club for the fun of it, then Budapest and Prague are the top places to go.

Budapest, the best destinations for unusual activities

Budapest has recently become the top destination for Stag dos due to its incomparable party scene with everything from ruin pubs and bars to outdoor clubs located in huge eccentric Villas where the roof opens up, and the atmosphere gets your blood pumping.

Not only has the coolest party scene arisen but the activities to do on a stag do weekend are wide and varied.

There are many unusual activities to choose from. Take a look at the best stag do activites in Budapest.

Pistol Shooting in Budapest

Learning real life Hostage rescue missions from ex commando officers during a game of airsoft or imagine shooting guns and AK47s in the morning followed by Tank driving in the afternoon.

If the groom is looking for activities that are pure adrenaline, where the boys can blow steam and compete at hitting the target, these are top picks.

River Cruise on the Danube

Cruise down the Danube on a most beautiful sightseeing tour in Europe as you will see the Parliament, the Casle district and the Citadel the most gorgeous buildings, and then go down from the deck to watch as ladies ”mud wrestle” with the Stag for entertainment that’s never forgotten.

If the groom and the group would also like to get a little sightseeing in and take some selfies that you can also show at home, then the first part of these activities are a great choice. The second part is just for your memories.

Cruising down the Danube in a more unusual way, if the Stag has a need for speed, would be in some really cool Speed boats. Enjoy the life of a highroller at an affordable price as, depending on the size of your group, you rent various speedboats and cruise at a high speed down the Danube while sipping a glass of bubbly.

Monsterroller experience

Monsterrollers are the new form of sightseeing as these electric motorcycles will draw all attention to your group as you whizz around the top attractions in Budapest in a motorcade. Of course, dressing the Stag up in a crazy outfit or choosing the Batmobile version or these bikes will attract even more curious glares from bystanders.

Sparty at Thermal Baths

Budapest is also famous for its unrivalled Spa Party, where thousands join at the famous Széchenyi thermal baths and turn the night into a location of an epic music, light and dance party scene. If not to the Sparty, we definitely recommend going to the Thermal Baths during the day. With its many saunas and pools, Széchenyi is the ideal place for a hangover cure.

If the groom and the group want to experience a party at the baths and the rest of the group would like to put their radars on then this is a great place to watch for ”game” on a Stag do.

Wide (and wild) variations of pranks

When it comes to Stag pranks there is not much that cannot be done in Budapest. Whether it’s handcuffing a dwarf or an XXL lady to the Stag for an hour during your bar tour- or beginning an amazing strip show with a gorgeous lady who then blindfolds the Stag, and when the blindfold comes off a Grandma stripper or Roly Poly stripper takes her place. For those even more brave who want to give the groom a really hard time, imagine getting him “arrested” in a bar for possession by to Police officers. “Oh no! Oh wait, what’s that – one police officer is starting to strip? Oh yes!”

Part of being on a stag do is also getting your leg pulled a bit by the rest of the group, however as you are deciding on which prank to choose for the Stag, take into consideration what the comfort zone of the stag is.

Whatever you choose, a stag do party is always an unforgettable experience.