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5 Things To Do In England’s Lake District

If you’ve ever researched travel to England beyond London, chances are you’ve come across some recommendations to check out the country’s Lake District National Park. Located in the northwest portion of the country and stretched over an area of just under 900 square miles, the Lake District is arguably the most beautiful place in England. And for that reason, it’s a popular stop for tourists who just want to take it all in.

But the truth is that the Lake District is about far more than sightseeing. It’s a huge region packed with interesting activities and accommodations, making it a full travel destination on its own, rather than simply a stop on a tour of England. If that all sounds appealing to you, read on for a few particular activities to enjoy in the area.

1. Cruise Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is one of the main attractions in the Lake District, as it’s the biggest body of water in the park, and actually all of England. And it just so happens you can get out on a boat and enjoy it up close! The Telegraph devoted an article within its travel section to pointing to fun activities and attractions within the Lake District and ranked a Lake Windermere cruise as the top option. As stated in that article, you’ll catch a boat from Browness-on-Windermere and cruise around the lake and its 18 islands taking in the scenes.


2. Climb Helvellyn

The Lake District is primarily known for scenic hikes and drives, but there are some more serious climbs you can try as well. Chief among them is Helvellyn. The classic trek takes adventurous hikers up the Striding Edge, which is a rocky spine along the top of the mountain. You won’t actually need to do any vertical climbing, but the rocky terrain and a few steep spots near the top of the hike do make it more challenging than your average stroll through low Lake District mountains.

3. Rent A Bicycle And Take Off

Hiking is pretty much the standard outdoor activity in the area, but it’s also commonly recommended to simply take a drive through the country and enjoy the sights. That’s not a bad option, but if you want to get a little activity in and feel closer to the stunning nature around you, you can also rent a bicycle and explore with a little more flexibility. You’ll want to plan out a route, but this is a great way to see as much of the Lake District as possible while moving from inn to inn.


4. Try A £24,000 Dessert

Alright, so this probably isn’t an option for about 99 percent of travelers. But it does exist! Lottoland sometimes features fun articles about luxury culture and indulgent activities to feed the imaginations of hopeful lottery winners and recently, one such article highlighted some of the most expensive desserts in the world—including a £24,115 “chocolate egg” treat that can be found at the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in the Lake District. Made of four types of Belgian chocolate styled like a Faberge egg, the dish also includes champagne jelly, edible gold, champagne caviar, and (why not?) a two-carat diamond. Again, sampling this obscene treat probably isn’t an option, but even just eating in the same hotel is something of a tourist attraction at this point!

5. Grab A Pint At The Mortal Man

While we’re on the subject of indulging, it would be a shame to not point out at least one of the many hotel bars that have become popular throughout the Lake District. Old Dungeon Ghyll, The Bitter End, and The Masons Arms are all worthwhile stops, but the most unique option of the bunch may be The Mortal Man. The website for the establishment describes it as “everything you imagined an English inn could be,” and while that sounds a little bit like a tourist trap, one look at the venue pretty much confirms the idea. It’s a picturesque inn with dark wooden trimmings (lending it the image of an updated and enlarged cottage from centuries ago), and its beer garden is spread out on a lawn surrounded by rolling green hills.

The Lake District is a place that’s difficult to capture with any sort of tips or recommendations, but these ideas cover a lot of the main activities and attractions in the area. Fitting them into your trip would be a great start.

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