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5 Suggested Self Drive Routes In Uganda

Nothing gets you that unforgettable adventure experience like exploring Uganda on a self-drive tour. Imagine driving your dream car to the remotest part of Uganda at your own pace, exploring every unique attraction without any pressure while en route, and much more. This ultimate freedom of exploration is what awaits you on our inspirational self-drive and camping safaris in Uganda. With our vast experience, here are some of the 5 suggested self-drive routes in Uganda;

Kampala-Fort Portal-Kibale route (Western route)

The Kampala-Fort Portal- Kibale Forest National Park resembles a chimpanzee self-drive safari. Drive to Kibale NP, the world’s primate capital, and enjoy a guided chimpanzee trekking adventure or chimpanzee habituation experience. Kibale National Park is a primate tracking destination in Western Uganda, and self-drive travelers require 5 to 6 hours to drive up to this protected area. 

Kibale National Park alone has more than 13 primate species and 1500 chimpanzees. Others include the red-tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, red colobus monkeys, L’hoest’s monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, pottos, bush babies, and more. The park also holds over 375 bird species, 250 butterfly species, and floral species.

En route to Kibale comes with lots of exploration opportunities, including visiting Fort Portal tourism city- Uganda’s cleanest and most beautiful tourist city. Fort Portal isn’t only boasting its cool weather or commanding views of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges but also holds the Tooro Kingdom/palace. From Fort Portal, connecting to several tourist destinations, including Semliki National Reserve/Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Crater Lakes, Rwenzori Mountains, and Amabere caves is possible. 

Kampala -Lake Mburo National Park (Western route)

Located in Western Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park is an excellent park worth visiting on a self-drive tour. On a self-drive safari, drive from Kampala via Masaka-Mbarara, for 4 hours and explore the hidden treasures of Lake Mburo NP. This is one of the compact, protected areas, a hidden gem with a land area measuring about 370 sq. km. 

Lake Mburo NP is endowed with floral and faunal species, which define its diverse ecosystem. The park’s wildlife species include large herds of buffaloes, elands, Defassa waterbucks, reedbucks, leopards, hippos, spotted hyenas, oribis, and bird species such as African fin foot, shoebill storks, pelicans, and many others. Exciting experiences while on a self-drive tour in Lake Mburo N/P include game drives, launch cruises, cultural walk, cycling, biking, quad biking, and birding.

Kampala-Jinja route (Eastern tourist route)

The Kampala-Jinja self-drive route is perfect for adrenaline adventure seekers on an Uganda holiday. Drive from Kampala to Jinja, Eastern Uganda, and expect to engage in adventures on the Source of the Nile River. Adrenaline experiences at Jinja include kayaking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, tubing, bungee jumping, jet boating, and others. From Jinja, you can also proceed to Kapchorwa, where you be visiting the Sipi Falls.

Image by seth0s from Pixabay

Bwindi/Mgahinga self-drive tour (South-western circuit/route)

The main focus of the Mgahinga/Bwindi National Park self-drive expedition is exploring the massive mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The 8-9 hours drive from Kampala/Entebbe to Bwindi or Mgahinga and trek mountain gorillas the following day is such an unforgettable experience. 

Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park are among the 4 protected areas in the world where tourists can find the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. If you plan to visit Bwindi NP or Mgahinga, remember to have a valid gorilla permit, which costs USD 700 per person. Also, consider packing essentials such as waterproof hiking boots, a daypack, a camera, long-sleeved shirts, a safari hat, and more.

Kampala-Ziwa-Murchison Falls self-drive tour (North-western route)

A self-drive to the North-western tourist circuit in Uganda allows you to explore all the big five games on a single holiday. First, you will visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in the Nakasongola district. Ziwa is the only location in Uganda where rhinos live in the wild, and combining your rhino trek with a wildlife tour in Murchison Falls, NP, home to 4 more members of the big 5 game, makes your entire self-drive trip a complete big five game safari. 

The wildlife list in Murchison Falls NP includes buffaloes, African bush elephants, Rothschild giraffes, chimpanzees, leopards, lions, bushbucks, waterbucks, Nile crocodiles, and warthogs. Four hundred fifty-one bird species also reside in this vast park, including the squacco herons, Denham’s bustards, red-throated bee-eaters, African quail finch, speckle-fronted weavers, Abyssinian ground hornbills, shoebill stork, swamp flycatchers, and others.


Featured Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay