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Will Artificial Intelligence Be Infused Into All Industries?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly found in nearly every aspect of our online lives, and is also becoming integrated into the construction industry, gaming, retail, and education sectors. AI can help us to streamline operations, speed up innovation, and predict what users want from their services.

Artificial Intelligence software interacts with human users and ‘learns’ from their behaviors. Each of their actions is analyzed as data points, and this new information is added to the information it has previously collected about them. Ideally, this produces software that works with users intuitively, enhances their experiences, and predicts their needs.

While it’s no surprise that AI is present in the tech world, there are many other everyday services and industries that are poised to include this technology.

Sectors and industries that will soon be transformed by AI:

  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturing is one of the industries where AI has limitless potential. It can be used to craft and hone countless programs, including educational programs and preventative maintenance. There are also plenty of human tasks that could be automated in the manufacturing industry, particularly at the informational end of the process.
  • Construction
    AI developers are currently partnering with the construction industry in order to create solutions for data, planning, and HR. By reducing human error and aiding in the ever-important planning and design stages, AI can help catapult the construction industry into a new tech era.
  • Gaming and casinos

AI is already being used to great effect in the gaming industry. It can be used to learn what kinds of games a person typically enjoys, and then recommend even more similar options. It can customize your homepage or gaming terminal, saving you time and energy when you first log in, whilst maximizing your playing time. 

  • Healthcare
    Healthcare is already starting to benefit from the use of AI, as the software is being developed to help locate and identify diseases, improve on drug safety, and help patients access information with chatbots. AI is also being used to identify patterns in certain populations, helping health care providers to better plan services and stop outbreaks of disease.
  • Senior Care
    There are more senior citizens in America than ever before, and as the Baby Boomer generation ages, there will be an even greater need for care solutions that provide dignity and humanity. AI can be used to help understand the emotional, cultural, and physical needs of diverse populations of people. It can also be used to update and freshen out-dated resources, and train new care workers.
  • Education
    Education is one of the most fruitful fields for AI and virtual reality, as these programs can be used to help students grasp concepts and learn in ways best suited to their needs. AI can be used to create intuitive and dynamic learning paths for students at all ages and levels. This is truly personalized learning.
  • The Online and Physical Retail Industry
    With online shopping more lucrative than ever, retailers are turning to AI to help them fill their customer’s shopping baskets and encourage a higher spend. With AI and retail, the sky really is the limit, and retailers can use augmented and virtual reality practices in their advertising, catalogues, and customer service chatbots. In fact, it is predicted that chatbots will handle more than 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020.
  • Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment
    AI has real promise for those who suffer from mental health and addiction issues. It could potentially be used to develop programs that identify people who are at risk of device addiction or who are withdrawing from the world around them.

    AI could also be used to create chatbots designed to identify people who are mired in depression or mental anguish. This could be used to help them gain resources before their depression and hopelessness reach too devastating a stage.

AI will soon be present in nearly everything we do

We are living in a truly exciting time in the world of tech and design, and AI is poised to make things more intuitive, more exciting, and much more convenient.

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