Home Tech & Gear What type of lock should you get for your front door?

What type of lock should you get for your front door?

What type of lock should you get for your front door?
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We all want to be certain that our front door is secure and safe. After all, front doors are the easiest and most obvious route into our home and are often access points for burglars. If you’re considering what lock, or locks, you should get for your front door, this guide has everything you need to know.

Locks for UPVC and wooden doors

Most Brits have either a UPVC door or a wooden door. These doors usually have what is known as a night latch. A standard night latch is often a euro-cylinder lock built into the door and is very secure.

Sometimes called a Yale lock, other night latches are affixed on the inside of a door. These locks can be adjusted to automatically lock when the door is closed or to remain unlocked.

On UPVC doors, a common alternative to night latches is a multi-point locking system. These locks have multiple locking points and a single mechanism that can ensure that all of them lock at once.

Many wooden doors have what are known as Mortimer locks. These are built into the door, which gives them some extra security as they can’t be forced off. However, unlike night latches and multi-point locks, they won’t automatically lock when closed.

A locksmith in Portsmouth or wherever you are based will be able to give even more advice on which lock is best for your wooden or UPVC door.

Look for the British Standard Kitemark

Whichever lock you choose for your front door, make sure it bears the British Standard Kitemark. These locks are fully vetted for security, but it’s also likely that your home or business insurance will require them, so you are adequately protected.

Deadbolts – needed or not?

In addition to standard front door locks, many homeowners wonder if they should add a deadbolt to their front door. A high-quality deadbolt can certainly add significant security to your front door. A lock that automatically locks like a night latch will ensure you never accidentally leave your door unlocked.

Keyless door locks

Many homeowners are now opting for keyless door locks. These locks use a pin or keycard and are common in rental buildings such as flats where multiple people need to access one door.

The advantage of keyless door locks is they can’t be picked, and those that use a pin reduce the chance of owners losing their keys and being unable to get in. They can also provide additional security features such as security cameras, auto-locks, remote control locking, and alarms.

Keyless door locks have their disadvantages too. They are more expensive than standard locks, and some electronic keyless locks could be affected by power cuts. Despite these disadvantages, keyless door locks are very secure if properly set up.

Smart locks are on the rise, with many even buying electronic locks linked to their Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This list of the best smart locks has a great selection if you’re thinking of upgrading your front door from the typical key lock.

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