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Top Home Security Tips for Smaller Properties

Top Home Security Tips for Smaller Properties
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

All homeowners and tenants need some level of security at home. While some think that home security systems are only essential for larger properties, even small homes can benefit from the extra security that these systems have to offer. Because all sizes of homes are at risk of break-ins, regardless of the neighborhood and other factors, we have listed a few top tips to install security in your smaller home.

Consider Custom Built Systems

Custom systems from Vivint home security are an excellent choice for smaller properties as you can build your system that includes all the features you will need. Because your property is not too big, you won’t need all the extras that often come with standard professional installations. Building your system means you can decide which features you need and which aren’t all that necessary.

Include Essential Security Features

When building your custom system, you should still include all the essential features. These important features will consist of home monitoring, sensors, and an alarm. Because your home is smaller, you won’t need as many CCTV cameras to cover the perimeter of your home. The same is applicable for sensors. However, you can consider checking AirshipVMS to help you manage cameras, sensors, analytics, and more with Airship’s highly secure yet customer-definable Enterprise Management System software stack that enhances convenience along with your safety. Also consider a composite door for your home due to their strong security features.

Know Your Community And The Risks

All neighborhoods are not the same. And knowing the specific risks in your community will help you stay safe. It would be best if you researched your community to determine burglary statistics, sex offender reports, and other crime red flags to know how secure you are and what additional measures you can take to protect your home and your family. It is also an excellent idea to join a community crime watch system if available in your neighborhood. 

Adopt Safety Conscious Habits

Being safety conscious will reduce your risk of experiencing crime dramatically. Such habits include small actions such as keeping your keys in the same place at home, constantly checking if the doors and windows are locked before going to bed, and keeping emergency contact numbers in an accessible place in your home. 

Learn Self-Defense

Self-defense skills can save your life during a break-in at home or even during a dangerous encounter on your way to the local store. Instead of assuming you won’t ever need to practice such techniques, you should learn to protect yourself and your family in the worst-case scenarios. Self-defense training is also a gratifying hobby. 

Keep Self-Defense Items Around The House

In addition to a security system, you should also keep self-defense items around your home concealed yet accessible. These items can include pepper spray, a stun gun, a baton, flashlights, and various others. It is essential to hide these items as you won’t want your children to get hold of them, and you also won’t want an intruder to find them before you can. You can keep a variety of self-defense items in your home to enhance your safety substantially. Add a security camera.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay