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Want to Stay Healthy and Super Fit? These 5 Simple Apps Can Be a Big help

Although not everyone expresses it, we all secretly drool when we see people who are fit and wish we can have a body like that. But let’s face it, keeping fit and sharp is a lot hardwork, particularly if you don’t have friends or something you love to keep you going.

Thankfully, digital technology now offers a big help to make staying fit, healthy and happy less of a chore. With some smart fitness apps you can access from the convenience of your home, you can now achieve that body goal that’ll make you smile into the mirror and others drool.

There are tens of apps that are unique in their own ways and how to motivate you to achieve the fitness level you want. Whether you’re a couch potato, a fitness buff, an amateur athlete that has entered for the next marathon in your neighbourhood, or you’re just looking to be trim and fit, there are great apps tailored for you.

These 5 apps are a good start.

  1. Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a great tool to keep shape while also satisfying your charity side. Here’s how it works. When you go on a fitness walk, run or use a bicycle with the Charity Miles app, you earn some money with some corporate sponsors for a charity of your choice. You’ll see information on the corporate sponsors who’ll donate a few cents when you hit the road, as well as a list of charities you’d like to support with your fitness exercise. Keeping fit and donating to charity; what better fun way to have a 2-in-1?

  1. C25K

This app can turn you from a lazy couch potato into a fitness hunk, capable of doing a 5km road run. C25K is an 8-week fitness program with a three-hour session week and an audio coach to motivate and cheer you on.

It’s also compatible with MyFitnessPal, Nike+ and other fitness apps that allow you to easily share your progress with others and get the needed support boost you need to reach your body goals.

  1. Endomondo

This is one of the most popular fitness apps on both Android and iOS, as it is about the most efficient mobile app tool to help keep track of your performance and fitness levels as you go. You can also use it as a personal trainer by recording audio instructions and pep talks to share with your friends and family. Endomondo is both free and paid. The paid option gives you full access that helps you develop personal training plans, analyse your heart rate, and so much more.

  1. JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer

This app has a large database of over a thousand exercises that you can do to get that body you want. There are also fancy graphics and animation to aid your fitness program. JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer’s fitness tracking feature helps you monitor your progress and share the good news online with your friends.

  1. Touchfit GSP

Have you ever thought of the idea of having an MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre guide you through your training plan and help you achieve a trim and fitter version of you you’ve always fantasized about? Then, say hello to Touchfit GSP!

This app is much more than just an audio trainer. Here, you get over 500 video exercises to guide you and make sure you are getting your routines right and doing them safely. Just make sure to follow your training program religiously and the amazing results will soon start tumbling in, as your body strength expands, your endurance level rises and you have more flexibility. For improved results, you can track your performance and progress over various time periods.

Because you are unsupervised while using these apps, there’s a degree of possibility you might pull or sprain something during one of your regimens. In such a scenario, if the pain stays on for more than 24hours without subsiding, Dr Buyanov recommends getting professional help as soon as possible. But if the pain is immediately overwhelming, there’s no need to wait for 24hours. Get help immediately.