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How to Maintain the Gentleman Tang in Bed

James Bond is the archetypical gentleman, right?

Well, no. You thought wrong, at least when it comes to being a gentleman in bed.

You may have come to imagine that women generally drool over Agent 007 because he’s suave and seductive, but the fact is Bond is a creep in suit who used women.  He hits it, quits it, and more often than not lets the woman die.

Like they say, the hood does not make the monk. So, having a well-groomed hair, a martini and sophisticated dressing does not make a gentleman; your personality and mannerism does. And where else to show your gentlemanly side than when in bed with a lady?

How does a true gentleman behave when a lady has been gracious enough to “take him in”?

  1. He lives by the “ladies first” rules

Whenever he’s with a lady, a real gentleman always keeps in minds what his lady wants and needs and puts them before his. And this does not stop at holding the door for her or letting her take her seat first; it extends to being intimate.

While in bed with a woman, a gentleman does his best to put a woman’s sexual needs before his. While it’s true you both want the same thing, it is your duty to ensure she gets her “release” before you get yours.

In the event that you are unable to hold on until she acquires hers, you can’t just doze off because you’ve been satiated.

You need to look for other ways to stimulate her until she reaches orgasm. Fortunately, there are lots of establishments that offer a wide range of stimulating toys that you can use with your special lady.

  1. A gentleman also prioritizes the need of his lady

When in bed, a real gentleman knows it’s not just about what he wants only, but what lady wants as well. So, you must have a listening ear as a gentleman and aim to satisfy the need of your partner. Pay attention to the yearnings of your lady’s body and put her interest first. If she does not like a particular thing or style in bed, respect that and don’t try to force her.

  1. Be, well gentlemanly, with your requests

Don’t be a gentleman only in normal conversations and be the complete opposite in bed. Most men become wild and drop all forms of politeness during love sessions. A real gentleman stays true to his personality in bed and out of bed. Don’t treat or speak to her rudely, except she expressively requests it. And especially, don’t be an Agent 007 and use and then disappear into thin air. Even if it’s a one night stand, a call back will be nice.

  1. Be tender

Throughout all the lovemaking session, never fail to remain gentle. You’d often hear that women like men who are assertive, but you can actually be too assertive. Be tender with the foreplay, actual play, and post-play. Don’t just rip her off her clothes, as you both could have become horny when she’s wearing favourite dress. Be manly, but find the right balance somewhere in-between.  Sex appeal isn’t seen in uncontrolled bursts of strength but in the subtle and sensual hints of what you are physically capable of. And if you insist on ripping her lingerie off, as a gentleman, you better be prepared to replace them with quality stuff from Victoria Secrets or the Love Shack Boutique, or somewhere else good.

Everything listed above might seem like a lot of work, but standing tall as a gentleman is work. Not only that, it’s also work that’s worth it.