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Turning Your Smartphone Into Your Best Friend

We all have one. We all get excited when we get a new one; a latest model with access to tons of life-changing tools and ways to kill the time. Then we inevitably forget about those plans and just go back to using it for little more than calling people and using social media. It’s time to stop treating your smartphone like it’s any regular old device. It’s your device, and it’s going to become your best friend by finding the best fits for you.

Get things done

If you want to reach more goals in your life, whether in business, your creative practices, or personally, then being organized is key. That’s one of the areas that smartphones, also known as pocket managers in some circles, have started to excel. There are tons of productivity-boosting apps to supercharge your day with. Time management apps make sure you’re never late and that you’re always spending your time how you want to spend it, while note taking apps make it certain that you’re never in a position where you forget an idea or detail because you didn’t have pen and paper on you.

Protect and improve

Protective cases are an important accessory to buy for just about any kind of phone nowadays. Without one, dropping a phone can become a fatal accident. But cases can do more than protect. For instance, the InkCase i7 adds a second screen to the back of your iPhone! Meaning a protective case doesn’t have to get in the way of your using your phone how you need it. Think a little deeper about your case choices.

Keep moving

For instance, when you’re not looking to protect your phone, then maybe you want it to stay still. Health tracking features, like personal training apps, and even staying plugged into your music can make it a lot easier to stay fit. But with all that movement, plenty of phones aren’t willing to stay still. That’s when you should consider accessories like phone-strapping armbands, too.

A library in your pocket

Nowadays, people are using phones as a mini-multimedia center to dispense with boredom and to stay educated and entertained no matter where they are. You might have plenty of videos and music to enjoy, but what about books? There’s a whole library of accessible, free content on apps like Google Play Books. Mostly classics, but if you’re a reader, don’t go thinking you have to get a Kindle just to keep up. Most smartphones do the exact same thing.

Fighting fit

With the right apps, a smartphone can become a machine that helps you in all aspects of life. But adding and using apps will also start to show wear and tear on the phone a little earlier. Battery will get drained quicker, data will get eaten up, and processing power will be lost. That’s where optimizing tools come in. They can help you track the things that eat your battery the most and can ensure your phone is freeing up more processing power. Your device won’t have to feel the ravages of age too prematurely.

A smartphone can become so much more than just a tool for communication. It can become a more resilient, more helpful, and more fun kind of friend. Make sure you’re taking the time to give it the tools it needs to be that.