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Could Smartphones Replace Tablets Completely in the Next 5 Years?

Could Smartphones Replace Tablets Completely in the Next 5 Years?
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

When it comes to surfing the net, smartphones and tablets are the most popular vessels. However, of them all, smartphones are turning into real alternatives to laptops, which could mean that they’ll replace tablets in the next five years. 

Research has shown that the use of smartphones outdid computers in 2020. Smartphone usage is expected to increase in the coming years, so it’s unlikely that this trend will change.  

Tablets Still Have Benefits

Tablets have an upper hand, for example, in work use, reading, and playing due to their bigger screen size and graphics. Therefore, besides reading, they provide a smoother and better gaming experience in, for example, casino games.  

Tablets have a better surface for tapping and controlling the casino game functions. This would lead to a better game strategy. Even in more complex games, a tablet can require the extra power they require. 

Also, they won’t overheat, which gives you a smoother gaming experience as a whole. You can even use the tablet with a wireless Bluetooth mouse and a keyboard. Some tablets come with an attachable keyboard, which transforms the tablet into a laptop in seconds. 

The Biggest Benefit of Smartphones: Accessibility

A smartphone comes with you wherever you go because of its compact size, which makes them an easy fit to even the smallest purse and pockets. That’s why it has become an indispensable part of mundane life. In 2021, an average person spends approximately 2 hours a day on their phone. 

Due to its easy accessibility, you can constantly stay in touch with your friends, emails, and social media feeds. You can even use your phone for shopping, working, and playing whenever and wherever you desire. 

Battery Endurance

Battery endurance has become a major factor in the smartphone business. Batteries, which have a capacity of 3000–4000 mAh, are increasing in popularity because the phone and tablet specs are improving fast. 

Newer models are equipped with a more powerful processor and a brighter screen, which means higher power consumption, so a 3000 mAh battery won’t be enough. The newest tablets come equipped with a 7000–10000 mAh battery, which is a great advantage against smartphones.  

A Peek Into the Future – Will Tablet Sales Increase? 

When it comes to work and entertainment purposes, more people have chosen tablets over phones in the past years. More companies are developing tablets to answer the constant increase in demand. 

Even though laptops and desktops are still very popular with consumers, the tablet market is quickly closing the gap and surpassing the older technologies in sales. On the other hand, it’s predicted that the global sales of smartphones are also expected to increase massively, and the sales will continue at an even pace. 

People tend to prefer these mobile devices because of the comfort they offer. It’s also documented that with the popularity of mobile devices, the public debate has ceased, and privacy has prevailed. This is mainly due to the popularity of easy-to-use chat apps, such as GBWhatsApp, even though it’s still unknown whether mobile phones could replace tablets anytime soon or ever.  

Featured Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay