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Beijing CCIE Video
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Therefore, in the process of learning, we should learn to find problems, summarize the experience, constantly learn new technologies, constantly summarize the problems encountered and solutions in practical work. Many students who have just begun to learn Cisco Certification may have questions about the test time of Cisco CCNA \ Cisco CCNP \ Cisco CCIE (learn more).

Today, the SPOTO editor will briefly introduce the time arrangement of the Cisco Certification Exam. In fact, the time of the Cisco Certification Exam is not like those common exams, which is one or several fixed time points in a year. It is recognized as an authoritative certification in the industry worldwide. In addition to the written examination, there is a several-hour experimental examination, and the strict certification rules make it a valuable certificate in the industry.

Taking the Exam

Cisco Certification Exam can be taken with the application (except CCIE LAB). What does it mean? It means for CCNA \ CCNP \ CCIE written test, as long as you feel that you have mastered the knowledge and are sure to pass the exam, you can just take the exam.
It can be seen that becoming a network engineer is not so easy. The knowledge should be very rich. First, computer foundation and computer network are the foundation. Then you can learn some principles.

You can sign up for the exam at any time. Choose a suitable test center on VUE. Generally, you can make an appointment for the test one working day in advance. That is, register today and take the test tomorrow. Of course, it also depends on the arrangement of the examination center and the number of candidates. If a certain session cannot be registered,


The value of Beijing CCIE Video Certification or the benefits of certification examinations can be recognized from the following two aspects. First of all, participating in certification and examination is also a process of systematic learning and consolidating project knowledge management. With the rapid development of the operating system, the open-source software and practical tools integrated with it have also been applied and popularized. Therefore, it has also become a synonym for open-source software. In addition, the proportion showed a rapid upward trend in the Global Supercomputer Strong Operating System List. The salary of engineers in China is generally high. The monthly income of many engineers can generally reach about -, and they can get a higher salary after having more project experience. Even fresh graduates who master technology can get a very considerable salary through a show when looking for a job.

Then change it. Usually, the test center will arrange multiple tests within a day. What needs to be reminded here is that after the Cisco Certification written exam subjects are completed, results will be given on the spot. If you fail, you need to wait five days to make an appointment for the test again. After passing the Cisco CCIE Written Exam, you can book the CCIE LAB.

Make An Appointment

Usually, make an appointment 2-3 months in advance. Because we mentioned that there are few lab test sites in CCIE test locations before, and the fixed test venues are only in Beijing and Hong Kong, we need to make an appointment for a long time in advance. The above is the content of Cisco Certification Registration Time shared by SPOTO. To sum up, for CCNA \ CCNP \ CCIE written examination, you can make an appointment one working day in advance. In contrast, candidates can make an appointment only after passing the CCIE written examination. Normally, you should sign up and make an appointment 2-3 months in advance.

Market Demand

Because of this, the demand for talents who master the system is also increasing. Million related software engineers apply for these jobs, but the demand for these job types has reached. Until the number of job seekers for relevant software engineers was. In fact, the demand for this job type has reached 10000 +. It can be seen from the data that the relevant jobs have been in short supply. This situation is undoubtedly very favorable for job seekers. Through the above explanation, it is obvious why we should learn.


For Beijing CCIE Video, such as Cisco, candidates can start from the beginning. Even a zero-foundation student can follow the learning courses arranged by the training institution on the premise of finding the right training institution. It is not impossible to become an expert in the Internet field. First, it is common to judge whether the network behavior is normal by the number of packets captured. For example, it will receive a large number of data packets. Attacks are often reflected in a large number of data packets (but it is generally judged that this kind of attack will not be a step to capture packets, but it is necessary to capture packets when determining the attack characteristics). Of course, there are many other situations suitable for analysis by the number of packets captured.

Featured Photo by Andy Barbour from Pexels