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10 Surprising Online Services That Are Available  

Surprising Online Services
Image by athree23 from Pixabay

10 Surprising Services That Are Available Online 

When was the last time you went online to do something other than binge-watch the newest season of Ozark or make a late-night purchase from Amazon Prime? Other than a countless number of clothing stores, several other services have shifted their business online, thanks to the convenience offered by the internet. Here are some surprising online services that you can easily find online instead of going to a brick and mortar store. Take a look.

Surprising Online Services
Image by athree23 from Pixabay

1. Grocery Delivery

Whether you don’t have time to shop for groceries or you simply don’t enjoy it, you can order groceries online on platforms like AmazonFresh and Walmart Grocery and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

Moreover, if you want to start cooking at home instead of eating out every day, a meal kit subscription is what you need. Services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh deliver packages containing the exact ingredients along with a step-by-step recipe to make your meal of choice. They offer meal plans for individuals, families, and different dietary restrictions.

2. Flower Subscription

Fresh flowers have some unexplained quality about them that makes your house look instantly brighter. But who has the time to go to the florist and pick a flower arrangement? Lucky for you, you can now get a flower subscription. BloomsyBox delivers hand-picked bouquets on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

3. Psychic Readings

No, you don’t have to go all the way to New Orleans to get a psychic reading. Whether you’re contemplating moving to a new city or questioning your relationship, you can easily get a psychic reading online. Psychics are available over the phone, text, or online chat, whatever you’re comfortable with.

4. Interior Designing Services

Don’t have the first clue about interior design? Interior designing serves more than just adding aesthetics. It’s also required to enhance functionality, especially if you live in a place like New York, where space is often limited. Hutch is an excellent interior designing app for renters. If you’re looking for top-tier designers, check out Decorist.

5. Prescription Delivery

Food Delivery
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Stores like Walgreens and CVS offer prescription delivery through the mail. If you’re in a rush, NowRx can deliver your prescription within 5 hours. 

6. Massage Therapy

A massage is a lovely way to relax and alleviate stress after an exhausting day. But who wants to drive all the way to a massage parlor? That sounds counterintuitive, in our opinion.

Instead, you can order a massage at your home! Zeel and Soothe are popular apps for ordering a massage and having a therapist over within an hour.

7. Personal Stylist

Most A-listers are on the top of their fashion game because of a team of talented stylists. If you want to improve your style, check our WISHI. This is a styling app by Karla Welch, who has styled the likes of Karlie Kloss, Olivia Wilde, and Sarah Paulson.

8. Laundry

So you neglected to do your laundry for weeks, and now you’re down to wearing a bathing suit as underwear. It’s time to let Rinse assist you with your humongous laundry pile. This service personally picks up, cleans, and hand delivers clothes to your door.

9. Goat Rental for Landscaping!

Yes, you read that right, you can rend goats! You must be wondering what for? Well, Rent A Goat offers goats on rent for cost-effective and eco-friendly weed removal. Think of them as cheaper and sustainable landscapers, just much cuter.

online shopping
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10. Order ANYTHING

Whether you need 50 bottles of apple juice or a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, you can order anything and get it delivered to your doorstep within a few hours. Postmates picks up and delivers from several restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Now you don’t have to leave the house for one small errand.

Your smartphone is more useful than just calling an Uber! You can use it to get professional styling services, rent goats, consult a psychic to find your life’s purpose, and so much more. We hope we introduced you to some helpful services.