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Tips for a More Comfortable Bicycle Ride

Tips for a More Comfortable Bicycle Ride
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Cycling is adventurous, and it is overall fun. However, it can be painful too, especially after those long cycling sessions or if you are a bicycle enthusiast who likes to ride often and on rough terrains. 

This doesn’t mean that you should bicycle only for a short distance. You can make several adjustments to your bike and create an overall better cycling experience. Check out our bike seat guide to get some reliable tips.

Torso Check

Not everyone has the same torso length and should consider it while riding a bicycle. Your torso helps you reach the handlebars; if you have a shorter torso, you might not feel too flexible to reach the handlebar, and hence it creates a strain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Surely you can give yourself a massage and get ready for the pain again. However, to solve the problem, you need to get a shorter stem made for people with a shorter torso. However, you can also check with the saddle and try to slide it a little forward; this might also solve the problem, plus it would save you money.

Handlebar Height

As the length is important, so is the height. You should ensure that the height of the handlebar is as per your comfort. You might have all the spacers dragged out, which creates a significant saddle drop concerning the handlebar.

This can be solved easily by putting the spacers back underneath the stem, which would increase the height of the handlebar and might aid your comfort. Remember that making your bicycle look cool is the secondary thing; comfort should always come first.

Pick Up the Right Saddle

Many people prefer the saddle that comes with the new branded bike itself. They might not give it much thought if the saddle is as per their body ratio. To eliminate this malfunctioning, you might consider purchasing a suitable saddle. You can also use this Bike seat guide and have solutions toward every possible problem during a bicycle ride.

Take your bicycle to the store and try a few saddles as per your body type and ride type. The experts at the bike store might help you choose the ideal saddle after knowing the kind of rides you make.

Check Saddle Height

This is an important yet easily ignored factor when riders forget to check the saddle height. Maybe other things are right and in place, but it can be the saddle height bugging you. Too high saddle and too low saddle both create the problem. You should choose a height that promotes comfort while cycling, and you can feel it while riding the bike.

Try making a few tweaks in the saddle’s height and position yourself on the bike. Have a few rides for some distance, and you will have a fairly good idea about the right saddle height.

Lastly, Always Choose the Right Bike

You might not feel satisfied if you have chosen the wrong bike, no matter how many adjustments you make. First, check out the roads you want to ride the bicycle on. Secondly, think about the ride distance or duration. 

There are different bikes in the market for different riding styles and terrains. Make sure to then visit the Bike Tyre Shop to get the right wheels for those terrains. Take notes of your requirement and then search for a bike accordingly. Take the help of an expert at the bike store, watch videos of other cyclists, or read blogs about finding the right bike, and you will be able to choose the right piece.

riding in the park
Image by Stan Petersen from Pixabay

For example, if you want a bicycle just for a city ride or commute to your office, a cruiser or city bike would be perfect for picking. Such bikes come with a wider and lower seat to support your base and let you stop immediately in the traffic.

Similarly, if you want a fast enough bike, you should go for bikes with aerodynamic features. These bikes let you lean forward to ride at increased speed. There are hybrid bikes too that support features of a normal plus aerodynamic bike.

So these are some of the adjustments you can make and improve your riding experience. Additionally, it is always good to stretch your muscles and relax after prolonged cycling.

Featured Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay