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Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone
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Low testosterone isn’t only a downer in the romance department. It has also been linked to a wide range of negative side effects. The negative side effects of low testosterone levels, according to Men’s Journal, include the following:

  • Hair loss
  • Decreased libido
  • Poor cardiovascular health
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Loss of vigor and energy
  • Difficulty getting or maintaining erections
  • Diminished interest in sex

As you can see, there is nothing good to report about low testosterone for men. That doesn’t mean it’s simply something you have to live with. There are plenty of things you can do to boost your testosterone levels. Many of them do not require major life changes to adopt. You can do a few things to boost your testosterone and get your life, vigor, and sex drive back.

Change Your Diet

You are what you eat. You’ll hear this platitude throughout your life. There’s no escaping it, mainly because it’s true. If you’re hoping to restore your vigor and vitality, the foods you eat play an important role. These are a few foods that top the list when boosting testosterone.

  • Tuna. While perhaps not the most attractive food to consider in your diet, tuna offers many benefits, including protein to build muscle mass and promote metabolism. The vitamin D, though, sets tuna apart when it comes to testosterone, as this vitamin has been shown to significantly raise testosterone levels. Other fatty fish options are also rich in vitamin D. If you’re not a fan of tuna, try salmon, halibut, or mackerel.
  • Oysters. The benefit of oysters isn’t vitamin D. Instead, it is zinc, which plays a critical role in sperm health and reproductive function. If oysters aren’t your thing, you can also find impressive zinc levels in other shellfish, red meat, beans, nuts, and poultry.
  • Spinach. Popeye certainly loved his spinach. It is definitely associated with strength and virility. But there is some truth to the myth. One of the great things about spinach for boosting testosterone is that it prevents other proteins from binding with testosterone. There is more “free” testosterone available for your body.
  • Red meat. Red meat is rich in protein, but it is also an excellent source of both vitamin D and zinc, which both benefit testosterone levels in the body. The key is to choose lean cuts of red meat to avoid potential negative health effects associated with eating red meat.
  • Eggs. Despite some obvious bad press in the past, eggs remain an important source of many vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, K, and several important B vitamins. It is also protein-rich and an excellent source of zinc. If you have high cholesterol, you might want to consult your doctor before making this a key element in your daily diet.

Of course, not everyone is interested in adding many protein-rich foods to your daily diet. That is why you might also consider supplements, such as testosterone boosters, to help increase the free testosterone in your body.

Change Your Habits

It’s not only the food you eat that affects the amount of free testosterone you have available to use. Certain habits can diminish your testosterone levels, bringing all the other negative side effects that go along with that decrease. These are a few testosterone-healthy habits you want to adopt.

Get plenty of sleep 

Getting too little sleep increases the presence of the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces testosterone production in the body.

Work out routinely

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While lower energy is often a side effect of low testosterone, daily exercise helps increase the amount of testosterone you release into your body. It may be difficult at first, but once the production ramps up, continuing the effort brings more benefits. Don’t forget to add muscle-building weight and resistance training.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption can exacerbate low testosterone levels, making it more difficult to restore natural production.

Lose weight

One of the side effects of low testosterone is obesity. However, there is some evidence that it is also a cause of low testosterone. Losing weight to be a healthy weight can be instrumental in restoring balance within your body and getting your testosterone levels closer to normal.

Consider supplements

In addition to testosterone boosters, you may wish to take supplements that boost vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium levels in your body to help boost production naturally.

There are few things more devastating for the modern man than low testosterone. It diminishes virility and vigor, but it can also take a toll on your own self-identity. You don’t have to take it lying down. These are things you can do to regain control of your physical and sexual health by boosting your testosterone levels.

Featured Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash