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Finding Your Fit

Getting the right hockey goalie equipment is pivotal to your success in the game and on the ice. Without protective gear that fits properly or a stick that you can work with, you will not only be jeopardizing your team’s success, but you’ll be risking your health. So check out these tips for finding your perfect fit, be it your hockey goalie mask, stick, or skates.

Look at the Length

When you are purchasing your goalie stick, be sure to pay attention to the measurements. Some people will forget about actually checking out the length of the stick and will simply buy one based on the name brand or how “cool” it looks. While you can choose a stick with a nice design, you also need to ensure that you’ll be able to use it properly, and for that you need to measure length. To get the best estimate possible, try to bring your skates with you so that you can wear them and try out the stick simultaneously. Get into your stance position as if you were blocking a goal and check out whether or not the stick is covering up the space between your knees or not. You need to keep the puck out of the net, so a stick that can’t cover that space just won’t do.


Skate with Ease

Another piece of equipment in which fit truly matters is with your skates. There is no way that you want your hockey goalie equipment to give you blisters or a twisted ankle. Yet besides fit, you want them to be able to protect you from all those pucks that will be flying your way. Choose the cut that protects you and makes you comfortable, such as an ankle cut boot. Don’t forget to pick up an extra pair of cowlings and runners to make sure your toes and heels don’t get hurt. With any of the skates you consider buying, make sure they are durable enough to last you for as long as safely possible.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Your best masked face, that is. A hockey goalie mask differs from that of the other players because they need to make sure that all areas of their face are extremely covered, all while still being able to see clearly. Determine what kind of material you’re looking for; most goalie masks have an outer shell of composite materials, while the inside is softer for comfort and fit. Different types of cages will provide a variety of viewpoints from which you can see your opponents; you will have to try them on to see what works best for you. Finally, be certain that the back of your head is also covered and secured.

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