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Easy Ways To Stay Safe Playing Sports This Summer

It’s summertime, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to get out, get on the field and play some sports. We love throwing our weight around on the field, and we’re sure you do too. But you do need to make sure that you’re staying safe, no matter what sports you play. Here are some of the tips we suggest you take on board.

Drink Plenty Of Water

You need to stay hydrated when playing sports. Particularly, if you’re participating in an activity that requires a lot of energy in short bursts like basketball. This will tire your body out faster than you’d realise. Dehydration can be dangerous, and that’s why athletes always have water bottles, ready by the bleachers.

Follow The Rules

The easiest way to get injured playing a sport like American football is not following the rules of the game. Rugby might be a better example. In Rugby, you are not allowed to tackle someone above the waist. This is so that you don’t injure them as they are pulled down. The tackles in Rugby might look brutal, but thanks to this rule they are perfectly safe.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t push your body too far when you’re playing your favourite sport. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re exhausted. If you reach this point, you’ll be far more likely to make a mistake that could result in a painful injury. Remember to stretch your muscles before you play as well. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble.

Wear The Protective Gear

There are certain alternatives to popular sports that are more dangerous than the actual game. Typically, this is because they don’t include the protective gear. Street American football is an example of this, and this can be incredibly dangerous. Top athletes have padding and foam to protect them from serious injuries as seen in the below infographic. You should too.

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