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The Best Vacation Spots for the Golf Addict

If you or your loved one plays, watches, lives, and breathes golf, your next vacation should be a golf-centered one. While some people wouldn’t think of a golfing vacation as particularly exciting, globe-trotting can certainly land you in some spectacular courses. Whether it’s playing a course nestled in the lush green of Ireland to encountering wildlife trekking through the course, the world is a host to some pretty fantastic, and crazy, golf courses. 

We have compiled a list of courses you should plan to put on your bucket list. Don’t worry if you or your spouse is not a golf fanatic, there are plenty of things to do while the golfer is enjoying the holes.

Singapore Loves Golf

If you like intensity in a course then the golf courses Singapore players prefer will suit you well. While Singapore may be well known for their bustling city life, they have carefully crafted a sanctuary away from the noisiness of a city and give you a sense of peace while golfing. Laguna National Golf & Country Club is rated as a top golf destination in the world by Golf Digest International and Asian Golf Monthly. The course is designed to be both fun and challenging, regardless of your skill level. The hotel offers exquisite dining and fabulous spa options for the non-golfer to enjoy and pamper themselves with.

Ireland Offers Plenty

Ireland is probably ranked as the #1 destination for all golf lovers and could not be excluded from this list. With over 50 courses on the island, you are sure to see some amazing seaside views and luscious green hills. Take a road trip through Ireland in order to fit in as many of the best stops possible. Waterville is ranked as one of the most exciting and one of the top twenty most beautiful golf courses in the world! An 18-hole course, par 74, and featuring 7,225 yards of seaside golfing in the southwest portion of the island. The course features sand dunes, firm fairways, and sod-faced bunkers. The weather can be everchanging, adding a bit of a challenge at times. Although the location makes it ineligible for hosting large events, many world famous golfers make a trip to Waterville for the best in golf.

Take A Break In St. Augustine

While avid golfers are known to always hit the links no matter where they go, take a moment to visit the World Golf Hall of Fame! Nothing could be more exciting than seeing the history of golf come alive in special exhibits that display true talent and skill like a visit to the Hall of Fame. If you need a break from all the excitement, you can settle in nicely at their IMAX theater and catch an amazing movie in their 299 seat theater that will offer you the most exciting moviegoing experience. It’s great for the non-golf enthusiasts that may be joining you for the day. If you must get a little golf in, there are tons of options in Florida to get the best-golfing experience you could imagine.

Idaho Offers More than Just Potatoes

If you want an incredible and unique challenge, head on over to Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort in Idaho. This 18-hole, 71 par course looks like your traditional golfing course with one caveat. Hole 14, par 3, is a floating green island. Not only floating but can also be moved by cables and winches to provide different distances. If you land your ball on the green, you get to take a ferry to the island to finish the hole. You will definitely want to pack extra balls for this adventure!

There are plenty of golfing adventures to be had all over the world. Taking a chance and trying some new holes out will do your game, and your spirit, a lot of good.