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5 Tips to finding the best electric skateboard

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Kicking your way through the streets has become obsolete the moment people started using electric motors to speed them up effortlessly. But hey, the traditional skateboard is still madly regarded all over the world and so many people still use it. But if you’re into ease of transportation, maybe an Evolve skateboard would suit you better. I’m sure you’ve looked at the best list of electric skateboards online, but here are 5 more tips to help you further on your purchase:

  1. Consider the weight and the range

Your purpose for getting an eboard will help you identify the right type to get. Are you going to use it to commute? Will you be getting around it during weekends? How often are you going to take it out? How far would you usually take it? Getting models with a longer mileage could cost you more weight as the battery capacity is also increased. So consider if you would be comfortable using it back and forth without worrying about the distance. Also, if you ever run out of juice and needed to charge, consider if the electric skateboard model can be kicked push back home just like a regular one.

  1. Check the performance metrics

The wheels and the trucks are two major things you want to look at when buying an electric skateboard. They’re crucial to the overall performance of the unit. When checking these criteria, consider the roads you’ll be often traveling on. If you know you’ll be cruising on both smooth and rough roads, you should use an all-terrain electric skateboard that can handle both environments. That way, you can be sure that your skateboard won’t fail you. Also, note the difference between basic electric skateboards and longboards with motors. Along with your inspection of the quality of parts, it’s also important to check the length of the warranty and the accessibility of parts and service centers. Are the parts interchangeable that you can do it yourself? How’s the customer support like in case you need it? Being able to repair your board fast and easy is a huge factor in determining if a unit is worth buying.

  1. Check the motor

electric skateboard motor

Your skateboard’s motor wattage is critical in achieving the best performance, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Aside from the motor numbers, adjusting the gear ratios will allow you to get the correct balance for optimal speed and torque. Look at how complete the motor system of your prospective skateboard is. Ask around and get feedback from customers too.

  1. Look for feedback

Customer feedback is very important in almost any high-value item we intend to buy. Luckily, it’s so easy to scout for feedbacks and look for reviews. Just go online and search for your desired model and you’ll get results of all kinds. From reviews to unboxing, tips, tutorials, and so on. By reading about other people’s experiences on the item, you get to know what’s to like and dislike about the product. Are there any undeclared hazards and functions the sales agent missed to tell you? Is it really any good and worth your every penny?

  1. Consider the price

Following feedback, of course, you’d want to know if the product of your choice is within your budget. Electric skateboards don’t come in cheap. If you really want something that lasts, prices start at $300, and it could go all the way up to a full grand depending on the specs.