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Is the Pandemic the Perfect Time to Grow a Beard?

Grow a Beard
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Is the COVID-19 Pandemic the Perfect Time to Grow a Beard?

For some men, beards are the ultimate style accessory. For others, excessive facial hair is a nightmare. Even so, the latest beard statistics say that 33% of men in the US have a beard. On a global scale, as much as 55% of men enjoy the bearded lifestyle benefits, lets explore why you should grow a beard.

At the moment, COVID-19 pandemic is changing our lives. So, should you also let your razor take a sabbatical during the quarantine? Here is what you should know about growing a beard in the first place.

Grow a Beard
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Why Did Men Start Growing Beards?

The reason why aspiring gentlemen nurture and cherish their beards seems to have roots in the evolution of humans as a species. In other words, scientists speculate that beards could have been a vital element of sexual selection. Of course, these theories lack scientific evidence. Also, the ability to grow beards is not necessarily connected to testosterone levels.

Nonetheless, many believe that beards were a sign of masculinity and dominance. As such, facial hair could provide the lucky Neanderthal with a mating opportunity. On the other hand, recent statistics say that 41% of women regard clean-shaven men as more attractive than the bearded ones.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at how we have perceived beards throughout human history.

The History of Beards

Centuries before the November movement, men have used facial hair to make a statement. In most cases, men who had beards were regarded as strong and courageous.

Likewise, beards were often treated as a sign of honor. In many cultures, touching someone’s beard was one of the most humiliating offenses. As a rule of thumb, societies across the globe looked at beards as a sign of wisdom and dignity. In the past, some cultures would shave off your beard if you behaved dishonestly. If a warrior lost his honor, the beard would go off as well. 

These days, the stats show that only 20% of people feel that clean-shaven men are more trustworthy than those with beards.  

Tips for Growing Your Beard
Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

The Benefits of Having a Beard

Believe it or not, as many as 79.6% of men find themselves attractive when they grow a beard. And yet, beards go beyond aesthetics, and they are not just a style accessory.

One of the most prominent benefits of thick facial hair is that it can block harmful UV rays. To be precise, beards can block up to 95% of those rays, reducing skin cancer chances.

Also, modern bearded men tend to have fewer problems with skin conditions than guys who shave regularly. Of course, beards can also cover scars and areas that are damaged by acne. On top of that, a well-developed beard can redesign your facial features. Even if your jawline is not the most pronounced one, your beard can take care of the problem. Likewise, we should also mention the importance of a thick coat of facial hair during freezing temperatures. No wonder Vikings preferred to grow enormous beards.

So, the benefits of growing a beard are evident. Now that COVID-19 is keeping everyone inside how about changing your appearance and growing a beard of your own?

Essential Tips for Growing Your Beard

If you want to test your beard-growing potential, you should know that facial hair grows about half an inch per month. In other words, the process may not be as fast as you expect. Thus, it is essential to “just let it grow.” In some cases, it could take 3-4 weeks before the beard starts taking shape. So, be patient and tough it out.

Speaking of patience, you will have to endure a bit of itching as well. This side-effect is natural, but it can be highly annoying. For that reason, experts recommend washing your beard as well as treating it with balms and oils.

Statistics say that 23.6% of men are unable to grow a beard. What’s more, one in five men admits that a lack of beard makes them feel less masculine. So, if you manage to go through those three or four weeks without reaching for the razor, your life could change forever.

To assist in growing a full beard, The Sardar Co offers offers a beard growth oil to help create an environment for a strong base and plenty of hydration for your beard to reach its full potential. Beard growth oils provide:

  • Promote Healthy Growth
  • Eliminate the Itch
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However, it is essential to understand that every facial hair is unique and different. You should embrace the color of the hair as well as the bald spots. Even the guys who model for beard products have patchy beards. The trick is in combing over those spots.

Of course, you should always keep the beard as clean as possible. All sorts of shampoos and softeners can help with this process. Also, light trimming is necessary from time to time, especially on the cheeks.

Final Thoughts

A beard can instill you with confidence and courage, taking your personality to a whole new level. Even if you’ve never managed to grow a thick beard, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be one of those perfect moments for letting your facial hair grow.

After all, millions of men across the planet are reaping the benefits of having a beard. Why not join them?