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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Golfing Experience More Sustainable

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Golfing Experience More Sustainable
Image by Dylink from Pixabay

Living sustainably in our world is something you may think about often. What’s more — it can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. 

But don’t worry! 

There are many ways to choose sustainability in our everyday hobbies, and golf is no exception. From golf bags, to golf clothing and golf equipment, you can always go for the sustainable choice. This guide will offer five easy and stress-free ways to help your golfing experience be more sustainable. Let’s make your next golf round extra special for you and the environment. 

1. Golf Head Covers

Although the USGA doesn’t require golfers to purchase them, golf head covers are the golfing accessory you didn’t know you needed. So why do you need golf head covers?  

Golf headcovers are a must-have if you’re the kind of golfer who likes to get on the green in any weather. Protecting your clubs from damage, debris, and the weather, your clubs, will last longer, saving you money in the long run and preventing clubs from ending up in a landfill.

The greater the longevity of your clubs, the better for the environment!

2. Take Your Water Bottle

Maintaining hydration on the golf course or while playing any sport is vital for your health and keeps you performing at your highest level. Bringing your water bottle is a super easy way to reduce single-use plastic on the green – saving you a dollar or two! Just refill from a water fountain or faucet to keep yourself hydrated all day long. 

If you’re worried about your water getting warm, why not buy a stainless steel water bottle? There are so many to choose from; they will keep your water cool and likely last you years. 

3. Recycled Golf Balls

Playing with recycled or refurbished golf balls is a great way to increase sustainability in your golfing practice. With refurbished golf balls having little or no difference compared to new balls, changing to a more environmentally-friendly approach doesn’t have to cost your performance. It’ll also save you a bit of money. 

4. Walk, Don’t Ride

What better way to get your daily steps in and help the environment too? By walking the course and not taking a ride in the golf cart, you can increase your health and fitness while lowering CO2 emissions. 

5. Appreciate The Wildlife Around You

The beauty of a game of golf is sometimes not in your swing but in the natural world around you. With over 16,000 golf courses across the US, it’s no surprise that the National Golf Federation estimates 25.1 million people enjoyed the great outdoors by playing on a golf course in 2021. So appreciate being outdoors and remind yourself why you’re making these small changes.

Start to Make These Easy Changes Today

You don’t have to tick off all five of these methods to start making a change. It’s small everyday changes that increase sustainability and have a significant impact. By picking one or two of these easy pointers, you’ll make a difference to your overall golfing experience and our world.

Featured Image by Dylink from Pixabay