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The Ultimate Guide to Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can be a complicated and tedious process if you do not have the correct information, guidelines, tips, tricks, and more to pull it all off. However, remodeling a smaller-sized bathroom that only has a limited amount of space to offer can be even more complicated. In small spaces, every single piece of furniture, every accessory, and anything you put in the bathroom has to be perfect for the amount of space you have.

Remodeling smaller-sized bathrooms is definitely a process that should be done patiently, for it to come out beautifully. If patience and the right tips and tricks are used to remodel a smaller-sized bathroom, it can completely transform the space into a well-designed, intricately thought-of room that will not only impress visitors but also satisfy the needs of daily users.

If you have been wanting to remodel your small bathroom for a time now but have had a hard time coming up with what you need, how to do it, what not to do, and more, you have come to the right place. In this article, I would like to share with you the ultimate guide to remodeling a small bathroom and give you the necessary tips and tricks that will allow you to remodel your smaller size bathroom to perfection. You can always reach out to a bathroom fitter for help remodeling your bathroom.

One of the most important things that I found while redesigning smaller-sized bathrooms, is to stop, look, listen, and take the process slowly, so as to not get too overwhelmed, and not make a mistake in your bathroom. By taking the process slowly, and knowing the right information, there is no doubt that you will be creating the bathroom of your dreams in no time, no matter its size.

1.     Have a Plan

Before remodeling any part of a modern home, it is more than important to have a plan or an image of what you would like your remodeled bathroom to look like in the future. Without this plan, or an overall look and feel that you want to aim for, it will be a complicated process to bring all accessories, all furniture pieces, and more together, and for the overall results to be what you were expecting.

Before starting out your small bathroom remodeling process, it is important to find inspiration and discover what type of remodeled bathroom you are trying to achieve. There are few key things that need to be kept in mind when coming up with the plan for your remodeled bathroom, these including

1.1.1         Who will be Using Your Bathroom?

By answering this simple question, you will be able to start making a plan for your future remodeled bathroom. By knowing who will be using your bathroom in the future, you could add certain furniture pieces, certain accessories, and more that will make the functionality, and use of your bathroom better for each of its users.

For example, if in your small bathroom, you will be the only one using it, it will be more than easy to pick what you need, for you know exactly what you do in your daily bathroom routines. If it is only you who will be using your remodel bathroom, choose what’s perfect for your tastes and preferences, and stick only to what you need.

However, if your future remodeled bathroom will be used by children, elderly or disabled people, things might be a little different. For children using a bathroom, there are a handful of things that need to be taken into consideration, such as slip-free rugs, tubs, safety precautions, and more, and for the elderly or disabled, it is the same. So, by simply keeping in mind who will be using your bathroom, you can start creating an image in your head of what you’re going to need, and how you can create the perfect bathroom for your users.

1.1.2         Know What Type of Bathroom you Want

Remodeling your bathroom creates a whole new start. It allows you to create a whole new world in your bathroom, and not have to stick to your old boring option. When remodeling, you get the chance to choose from a wide variety of bathroom styles and types, and it is more than important to know which type of bathroom you’re aiming for and make a plan before you even start the process. 

There are overall four types of bathrooms, including powder rooms, full bathrooms, guest rooms, and master bathrooms. Although not all are commonly smaller-sized, limited spaced bathrooms can be converted into any of these types of bathrooms. The only thing that makes these types of bathrooms different from each other, is the fact that they contain either a full range of amenities or a smaller amount, such as the powder room for example, that only has a sink, toilet, and a door for privacy.

So, to create an even more detailed plan, know which type of bathroom you would like to create. Will you be using this bathroom on a daily basis, and will need all possible amenities made from the highest quality of materials for durability? Well, your type of bathroom will be categorized as a master bathroom. Know what type of bathroom you’re going to create, and you’ll know what you’re going to need.

1.2        2. Don’t Forget About Lighting

Image credits: Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

When remodeling or designing a smaller-sized bathroom that only has a limited amount of space, there is one step that can change the bathroom completely, which will allow it to seem more spacious, more open, more inviting, and simply more smartly designed. This secret magical step is lighting. When it comes to smaller size bathrooms, there is no better friend than lighting.

One of the best ways to open up space in a room is with lighting. To make a smaller sized bathroom seem bigger, for example, adding a window, and letting natural light pour in is a great, and easy way. Of course, the same can be achieved with normal lighting, but natural lighting, it will simply make the area seem more open, and more spacious.

If you cannot add a window in your bathroom, instead, add lighting in corner areas, and make the bathroom well-lit, so that it will not feel too dark, or closed in. Simply consider lighting when redesigning your small-sized bathroom, and it will make a big difference to the overall results. Although a simple tip, the results it offers are truly impressive.

1.3        3. Choose the Right Shower Door

Shower Door
Image credits: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Although shower doors are an essential part of a bathroom, choosing the right one for your smaller sized bathroom carefully is a super important part of your redesigning process. Due to the fact that you have limited space in your bathroom, if you choose a shower door that does not satisfy the needs of a smaller-sized area, it can use up unnecessary precious space that can be used in another way.

There are a wide variety of shower doors to choose from that are perfect for smaller size bathrooms. Two of the best options are bi-folding shower doors and sliding shower doors. Due to the fact that these types of shower doors do not open in or out, or take up unnecessary space, they’re perfect for smaller sized bathrooms. There are a wide variety of styles, designs, and types of bi-folding shower doors, and sliding shower doors, so no matter what look and feel you are aiming for, you will be able to find one that’s perfect for your bathroom.

There are a handful of shower doors that are perfect for smaller size bathrooms, but there is also another way to go. Instead of a shower door, you could choose a beautifully made shower curtain, and take advantage of the space you have even more. Not only are shower curtains cheaper than shower doors, but they don’t take up as much space, and take only minutes to install. For an easier, more convenient option for a smaller sized bathroom, remember that there are shower curtains.

1.4        4. Use the Space You Have Smartly

use space smartly
Image by AnjađŸ€— # helpinghands # solidarity # stays healthy🙏 on Pixabay

In a smaller sized bathroom, every inch matters. Every piece of furniture and every utility that you place in the bathroom will detract from the overall space you have, which is why only choosing what is perfect for the available space you have is so important. When going through your redesigning process, don’t forget the available space you have, and what can snugly fit in without taking up too much space.

If you would like to place a gorgeous sink in your smaller size bathroom, for example, consider installing a corner sink that will allow you to use the rest of your space efficiently. If your toilet is near your sink for example, and you would like to place a counter in your bathroom, connect the two and extend the counter or the toilet area. This will simply give the bathroom a more spacious, open feeling, and will allow you to use the space you have smartly.

By always taking into close consideration the space you have, and only choosing furniture pieces, utilities, and accessories that are perfect for your smaller sized bathroom, you will find that the space you have will be used efficiently and that you won’t be making any mistakes, or filling up space in vain. For a smaller size bathroom, this is definitely an important step to take into consideration.

1.5        5. Choose the Perfect Look and Feel

Perfect Look and Feel
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Now that you have an idea of who will be using your redesigned bathroom, the utilities, accessories, and furniture pieces you are going to have, what lighting you were going to use, and more, you can start thinking about the overall look and feel that you are aiming for. This does not only include the accessories or utilities that you will be adding to your bathroom, but the color palettes your bathroom as a whole will be boasting.

For the smaller sized bathroom, one of the most recommended color palettes is those that contain lighter colors such as white, light blues, light yellows, and more. In a compact, smaller sized space, lighter colors can offer a more open, inviting feeling when compared to darker color palettes. So, to make your smaller-sized bathroom look more open and inviting, choose a lighter color palette.

Also, by sticking to the same color pallet with furniture pieces, accessories, and more, you will be able to ‘tie everything in’, and allow your bathroom to blend more beautifully, offering better redesigning results. Simply be sure to always keep in mind what you have and ask yourself if it will blend beautifully with other pieces you already have in your bathroom.

A great tip for bathrooms that will be boasting a pattern on the walls or floors, is choosing a large-scale pattern. Instead of having a wide variety of different, unique patterns on each wall, try to stick to the same pattern. This will make the room feel bigger, by literally tricking the eye into seeing a more expanded space. So, no matter what pattern you’re aiming for, simply try to stick to a large-scale pattern.

1.6        6. Make Your Dreams Come True

At the beginning of the process of redesigning your smaller-sized bathroom, you might feel overwhelmed, or at a loss as to where you need to start. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, with the right information, and guidance, you can easily make your dreams come true, and avoid having a difficult time, lost in doubt or questioning.

As you can see by the small handful of tips that I shared with you in this article, redesigning a smaller-sized bathroom efficiently is not too complicated. There are only a small number of things that need to be kept in mind when designing a small bathroom, and if these things are taken into consideration, they can make a big difference as to the overall results from your redesigning process.

No matter what type of look and feel you are aiming for in your smaller-sized bathroom, if you keep these tips in mind, you will avoid making any mistakes, and you will be able to use the space you have in the most efficient way possible, to then have a beautifully designed bathroom. I’m confident that with the information I shared with you today, you will be able to have an easier time finding your way too ‘small bathroom paradise’ and make your bathroom dreams come true sooner than you can imagine.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Christa Grover from Pexels