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Which Face Shapes Are the Best Match for Aviator Glasses?

Which Face Shapes Are the Best Match for Aviator Glasses?
Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay

It would not be a mistake to refer to the glasses as pilot glasses since they were first designed by Bausch and Lomb to be worn by pilots in 1936. Over the years, aviator glasses have undergone modifications from different eyewear designers and began trending in the 1960s in the market. Over time, the glasses improved in quality and would even protect a person from wind, sand, and small debris such as dust. The climate change brought about by global warming has made many people opt to wear glasses when the sun is up in the sky with its rays hitting the earth’s surface.

 Different people have different tastes in frames depending on the shape of the person’s face, the quality of the lenses, the magnitude of UV protection, the lens color, the design of the structure as well as color of the frame. These are but a few. The unique nature of the eyewear makes them ideal for someone who would love to accentuate their eyes due to the relatively large tinted lenses that can capture the attention of the wearer’s eye. The eyeglasses have a thin monel, metallic frames made of titanium or steel, and a double or triple bridge around the nose. The glasses have flexible cable temples or bayonet earpieces that enable the glasses to hook better behind the ears to avoid them falling. 

Which face shapes are the best match?

Generally, aviator glasses best suit wearers with a broader forehead at the top and tapering towards the chin to bring balance to the face. Other face shapes that are preferred include:

Round face

The eyewear brings a soft look to the wearer, thus clearly contrasting various facial features and concentrating more attention on the face.

Oblong face

The aviator eyewear designs the oblong shape by making it appear square and wider by reducing the elongation of the face. The eyewear neutralizes the elongation; hence the face becomes well-proposed. It also makes your jawline and cheekbones distinct.

Heart-shaped face

A person with a heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a narrower chin. Aviator glasses balance the wider forehead by adding width to the lower part of the face. Thus drawing more attention to the bottom, where the glasses seem thicker and a little heavier.

Face shapes best for aviator glasses
Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

Which face shape is discouraged for Aviator frames?

People with rectangular facial shapes are highly discouraged since their forehead becomes exaggerated. The bulk nature brought about when wearing the glasses makes someone focus on the forehead area instead of the well-designed glasses. This may even bring about esteem issues as some people make fun of them. 

Benefits of Aviator eyewear

  • Protects a person, especially pilots, from Ultraviolet rays from the sun that would cause harm to the eye, thus impairing good vision.
  • The glasses last longer and thus can be worn for very long.
  • They offer comfort and thus do not cause any unnecessary hitches on someone’s face.
  • The optical performance of the eyewear is remarkable.
  • Fit with any outfit since they match all trending clothing.
  • Presence of a variety of shapes to choose from.
  • The eyewear is pocket-friendly in terms of price, making it more affordable.

Anyone can purchase a variety of aviator eyewear at any physical or online store. Aviator eyewear is available in different shapes and sizes, giving you the laxity of choosing what suits you best. Buying eyeglasses online is preferred by many since it is cheaper to buy. You do not go through the hassle of moving around looking for a frame that suits your taste. Ordering glasses online allows you to get them delivered to your doorstep, which is more convenient. Online stores offer a variety of frame designs and colors a person can choose from. 

Featured Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay