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How to Decide Which Country to Choose When Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad
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How to Decide Which Country to Choose When Moving Abroad

If you’ve decided that you want to make the leap and move abroad, you’re probably aware of the fact that it’s one of the most important decisions of your life. Moving abroad will entirely change your future, so obviously, you want to pick an ideal place for you and suit all of your needs.

Moving Abroad
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

There is so much conflicting information about where to move, and it might seem like your brain is overloaded with opinions and stats. The truth is, each person is different, and what may be the ideal living situation for you might not be the case for someone else, and vice versa. Many factors go into moving abroad, so you’ll need to consider them and choose a country that works for you.  If you decide to move to Georgia, Immigration-georgia.com can help you find what you need.


Of course, safety is a top priority when moving abroad. Since many people leave their home countries due to unsafe situations, it wouldn’t make sense for them to end up in an equally or more unsafe country. People tend to move abroad to get a better life, so consult this list of the safest countries in the world to get a better idea of what your best options are.


This is absolutely a matter of personal preference. You’ll want to be living somewhere that is comfortable for you, and that varies from person to person. Some people might prefer colder climates, while others would love to see the sun all year long. Start by asking yourself whether you want to move somewhere with a similar climate to where you currently are or whether you’re ready for a change. If you have joint problems, warmer weather might be a more suitable option for you.


Any country has a list of basic requirements that you need to meet even to be considered for the immigration process. The sad truth is that you may not meet the requirements of your dream country. In that case, it’s time to look at some other options. Certain countries are easy to immigrate to. They may not be your first choice, but if your main reason for moving abroad is to get out of your current country, they might be worth a shot.

Cost of living

Some countries are more expensive to live in than others. Of course, this is all relative since it’s reasonable to live in a country with a higher living cost if the average income is also higher. Still, you might prefer to live somewhere that’s more affordable to live in, even if it is means sacrificing some quality of life. Weigh up the cost of living, quality of life, and salary that you can realistically expect, and see which country gives the best combination for you.

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Job opportunities

You’ll need to see whether there is a high demand for your particular skill. You’ll also need to accept the fact that not all qualifications are accepted everywhere in the world, so any degrees you have might be deemed invalid, which could put a damper on your work search. Some countries require you to have a job offer before applying for a visa, while others work the opposite way around. 


One of the main things to look at when deciding where to move is their healthcare system, as it’s something everyone will eventually use in some capacity. Especially if you’ll be moving abroad in the pandemic, the medical care you’ll be receiving is very important. You’ll also need to research how much the economy and healthcare systems have been affected by the pandemic. Of course, you might also need to wait a while if a certain country’s borders are still closed.


For some people, the act of moving abroad is enough change for them, and they want everything else to remain the same. Other people might crave something exotic and new, completely different from what they’re used to. Decide whether you want something similar or different to your current country, and then decide exactly how similar or different you want it to be. This should narrow down your list significantly.


First, consider whether education will be a big factor. Do you want to further your studies? Do you have children who will need to be put through school or university? If the answer is yes, you should delve into some statistics on education in different countries – specifically, whether education is free or not. Some countries have excellent education programs that are internationally recognized and can potentially open many doors, while others might be lacking in that department. You’ll need to decide how important the quality of education in a country is and adjust your list of possibilities accordingly.