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5 Things To Know For A Successful Wedding On Florida Beaches

Wedding On Florida Beaches
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on Unsplash

5 Things To Know For A Successful Wedding On Florida Beaches

For a romantic ceremony with a unique atmosphere and not to miss space for your guests, the beach remains a magical place for a wedding. Here are five things to keep in mind for planning this moment. Let explore how to have a successful wedding on Florida beaches.

Palm trees, white sands, and turquoise water – there is hardly a more romantic setting for a wedding than a beach. It’s no wonder that beach weddings are very popular and are increasing every year. But this heavenly setting can have some pitfalls that every couple should think about in advance. Before planning a beach wedding, you need to consider these five things. 

Wedding On Florida Beaches
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on Unsplash

Choosing the right beach for your wedding

If you don’t have a dream island in Florida or a private beach, your search for the perfect spot will be paramount. 

Many beaches remain accessible for ceremonies. Many hotels located on the coast offer options for wedding guests. These offers usually include the entire party planning and are, therefore, an all-inclusive package for couples who appreciate a luxury hotel’s standard.

However, those who want more personalization and who dream of a wild beach without a lot of tourists do not have to take refuge far from the civilized world to find the rare pearl. 

There are wedding planners like Hollywood Events who offer beaches in their directory that can be booked and combined with your accommodation choice. 

So if you are searching for the best wedding planners in Florida, then you must visit Hollywood Events to get unique ideas for your successful wedding on the beach.

There are different types of beaches available in Florida, like Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach, Fort Lauderdale, etc. 

The advantages: the prices are much more moderate than at a wedding in more classic places. Further, you have enough time to enjoy your event as well.

Pay attention to the timing of the sun.

Especially for “Instagrammable” weddings, the question of when to party on the beach should not be overlooked.

The results of your photos depend on the lighting. Hence, it is advisable for all those who dream of diffuse wedding photos tinted with pastel colors to use what is called the Golden Hour, the light atmosphere just before dusk, and to orchestrate the ceremony accordingly at the beginning of the evening.

Fortunately, there are still some couples who don’t get married exclusively for the perfect shot. For them, a more conventional program with a morning ceremony, but not too early, might be the priority. 

The lower the sun, the more advantageous and less conspicuous the light. Thus, the hours of noon should be avoided so that the shadows are not too harsh and unattractive on the face. 

And apart from the midday heat, which can be unpleasant for everyone, you should also avoid swimming moments if the wedding takes place on a public beach.

Shoes and sand, the wrong combo

Beach weddings have many considerations, pay attention to the bridal shoes you are going to choose. This basic accessory is likely already top of mind for the bride. The bride should consider these questions (“Can I walk all day in this heel?”, “Is the color really the same as the dress?”). 

After all, which party shoe is suitable for walking on the sand? Not to end up with wedding thongs, there are several options: the hippie vibe can be completed with a flower crown and a vintage barefoot dress. 

Even other types of shoes than traditional pumps can stand a chance if the conditions are right: what if you dare to wear casual boots instead of stiletto heels? Or a nice vintage rug as a base for the arrival of the bride? Whatever decision is made, consider the problems that might present themself with your choice of heels or give everyone temporary shoes. A basket of espadrilles, for example?

Beach wedding
Photo by Getúlio Moraes on Unsplash

Beware of the wind

Depending on which coast you are heading towards, it can get a bit windy at times. You have to prepare for it. After all, you don’t necessarily need gusts of wind to put your hairstyle to the test. Reliable styling products or a more natural look can help. 

But accessories like sails can also quickly become a challenge. Headdresses with less exposed areas, such as flower crowns or smaller headdresses, are the safest choice in this case.  

But for those who want the tulle to blow in the wind, a cape for the bride’s outfit might be the right choice. This alternative to the veil is not only a fashion touch; it can also remain secure. 

Some models can be worn around the neck, and those that can be attached to the strap of the wedding dress.  

Another point often overlooked: when setting up the rows of chairs and the stage, it is essential to consider the wind direction. 

It plays a role not only in the bride’s entrance but also in the couple’s position during the ceremony. In both cases, a light breeze from the front or slightly sideways is advantageous, and never from the back.

Sound, a key element for a Wedding on Florida Beaches

Sea noise in the background? It sounds romantic, but in reality, it can get overwhelming. If the waves break thunderously, guests could quickly struggle to understand the speech of the newlyweds. 

In this case, a suitable sound system is useful, which amplifies the speaker and the couple with the microphones’ help.  

The same goes for any background music. By the way, if you dream of a white grand piano on the beach, you can expect disappointment without an excessive budget: the salty and humid air, sand, and wind are an absolute horror combination for this.