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Wild Pacific Cod Dinner Recipe 

Cod Dinner
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Pacific Cod Dinner Recipe

The best thing about Pacific cod is that you can utilize it to make a fast and simple supper, particularly during the busy work week. Simply get a filet of this white fish, cook it any way you like, and in minutes, you can take enjoy yourself with a glass of wine. You can discover wild-got Alaskan Pacific cod simpler than the Atlantic species. You can get them filleted and solidified. Pacific cod’s substance is firmer than that of other white fish. The supportability and flexibility of this fish have made it a well known fixing in many foods. Its high dampness content makes it simpler to plan and cook than the Atlantic variety.

Pacific Cod Nutrition

This type of fish isn’t just pressed with a mellow, Pacific cod taste. It’s likewise stacked with supplements. Wild Pacific cod is has a sound wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats and protein. You can get nutrient D and nutrient A from cod liver oil. Many studies have shown that with four servings of Alaskan Pacific cod every month, your cholesterol and circulatory system will improve altogether. Every 100-gram serving of this fish has only 82 calories, which is superior to a piece of steak. If your up to it you can even take a vacation and catch your own fish for an even tastier treat. 

The Steaming Technique

Contrasted with braising, stewing, or poaching, steaming utilizes a higher temperature. Steam begins to shape when the water warms over 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steaming helps prevent your fish from getting soft while keeping everything at the perfect consistency. Steaming is a delicate cooking process perfect for cooking fragile meats like fish. In light of the high temperature, steaming prepares food all the more quickly without losing its nutrients.

While steaming, you should utilize a liner, which is uniquely developed to withstand both weight and warmth as it prepares your food keeping your fish consistency right where you want it.

Utilizing Steam in this Recipe

You can steam your food on your standard burner with only a bamboo liner and a deep wok. At that point, you place your fish and other fixings in the container, which needs to hang in the pot, over some stewing water. In a wok or covered pot. Try to prevent your food from contacting the water. If your food touches the water, it will make your food soggy.

When cooking vegetables, try and keep an eye on them and not allow them to steam for too long. If you over steam your veggies, they can become mushy and tasteless.

It was referenced before that steaming is a perfect cooking technique for sensitive foods, such as fish. It is safe to say that you know about how to steam fish in a liner? You can stew spices, wine, or stock with your fish to deliver enhanced flavors. The dampness inside the liner will keep the fish delicious, delicate, and flawless.


Pacific Cod Filet
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Dinner Recipe

I was scavenging through my old trunk in the upper room, and underneath an old book, I found my grandma’s pocket scratch pad of recipes. She was Chinese, and when she cooked for us, it was consistently bona fide Chinese methods utilizing American ingredients. I enjoy going through her recipes to find that Pacific cod I adored so much as a child. I needed to serve it for supper that night, so I took the bamboo liner and the note pad, and off I went to cook my favorite childhood dinner. I trust you love this recipe as much as my family does.

How you Make it

Get a deep wok and spot about an inch of clean water or prepared fluid in it. When finished lift each filet with the bed of vegetables and place them on a serving plate.



Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time7 minutes
Total Time27 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Chinese
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 82kcal
Cost: $25


  • Wok
  • Bamboo liner


  • 2 filets Alaskan Pacific cod filets
  • 6 leaves Lettuce leaves
  • Water
  • 4 slices Lemon cuts
  • Spices to your liking


  • Get a deep wok and place about an inch of clean water or
    prepared fluid in it. In the compartments of your bamboo liner, layer the
    lettuce leaves, spices, and lemon cuts. Make a point not to leave enough holes
    revealed with the goal that steam can course through them.
    Take your solidified Pacific cod filets and place them under
    running water first. This will evacuate the ice coat that shaped on the tissue.
    Place the filets on the bed of vegetables. Spread the liner freely to permit
    steam to escape. Permit the fish to steam for 5 to 7 minutes. To test the cod's
    doneness, take a little blade and slide its tip over the thickest piece of the
    filet. Pull somewhat to see the inward portion of the filet.

Enjoy this wonderful steamed fish recipe with your family.

Featured Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay