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Van Gogh Vodka’s Starry Night At Eden Roc Miami

Vodka is having a moment right now. This liquor is clear, calorie friendly, and mixes well with just about any mixer. Vodka sales continue to grow in the world of spirit with sales are up ten percent. It has become even easier to spot this beverage  on everything from a swanky to hipster cocktail list. I recently checked out Van Gogh Vodka’s Starry Night at the Eden Roc to celebrate summer nights, astronomy and perfectly crafted Van Gogh Vodka cocktails.

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“Our signature vodka is crafted from a blend of premium wheat from Holland, Germany and France, creating a sophisticated and textured spirit with unique nuances from each region. With subtle flavors of European grain laced with mineral undertones, it is a clean and refined vodka perfect for any cocktail creation.”

August 11th is an auspicious night for those who believe in astronomy.  The Tears of St. Lawrence or simply meteors to those newer to astronomy, give us earthlings an out of this world show. While meteors are just dust that enter the earth’s atmosphere, the Tears of St. Lawrence put on a dazzling, albeit brief display of magic.

Throw in Van Gogh Vodka cocktails on the Eden Roc Escencia Wellness Spa’s terrace and you have a magical evening. University of Miami’s Dr. Nico Cappelluti gave a fascinating presentation on Van Gogh’s starry night and meteor showers as myself and attendees peered through his telescope to gaze at the stars.

While Dr. Cappelluti fiddled with the telescope we enjoyed learning that Van Gogh Vodka is the only infused vodka on the market. The Van High Vodka bartender featured his chilled peach Bellini, cucumber mint fizz, and of course the starry night sparkler. The refreshing flavor of the cucumber and mint offered a much-needed reprieve from Miami’s humid heat.

According to Dr. Cappelluti, there are between five and six thousand visible stars in the sky on any given night. Unfortunately, due to light pollution, few of us notice even a fraction of that number.  Dr. Nico Cappelluti recommends traveling to remote locations with limited artificial light for optimal stargazing. The journey is well worth the effort with Van Gogh Vodka in hand at local spots like North Beach, Matheson Hammock Park, and Oleta River State Park.

Enjoy your own starry night if you can find a clear and quiet spot. Turn off the lights because complete darkness is best for stargazing. Lastly, get comfy and settle in for the show accompanied by a Van Gogh starry night inspired cocktail.

Van Gogh Vodka and Eden Roc Hotel hosted me at this special event. All opinions are my own.