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Spooky Halloween Party with the Perfect Mysterious Wine

When planning a Halloween party, the choice of wine is often an important one.  Whether you are having a sit-down meal, a buffet or even a mixture of children and adults, you want wines that work with your menus.  Red Diamond wines are suitable for every occasion and this year, they have released a limited edition wine just in time for Halloween – the Mysterious Red Blend.  But what makes it mysterious and perfect for a Halloween party?


The Mysterious Red Blend

The Red Diamond Mysterious Red Blend is a special, limited edition wine that has been released especially in time to feature in those spooky Halloween parties.  The wine is made in their Washington State location and blends some of the intriguing red varieties to create something different.


The wine opens with sultry aromas of cherry and dark stone fruit while the palate contains flavors such as dark red berries as well as a hint of spice.  This is followed by medium bodied tannins and a long, riveting finish that will leave you wanting more.

The wine was born in the summer of 2013, one of the warmest in recent years.  The temperate climate made it is superb year for growing grapes and an accelerated ripening was seen.  Then when the cooler temperatures and light rain arrived in mid-September, this made for perfect hang time and created fruit with exceptional character and flavour.

The wine features a blend of red grapes with 56% being Syrah, 40% merlot and 3% Viognier, the remaining 1% made from other mysterious red varieties.  The resulting wine has a 13.5% alcohol volume.


Pairing the wine with food for your Halloween Party

Any good wine will work with almost any food but it is true that some foods work just a little better with certain wines.  And when you are planning your Halloween menu, ideas about what the wine will pair with can help you make those important choices.

If you are planning a buffet with a mixture of finger food for the kids and something a little more complex for the adults, then the Mysterious Blend can be ideal.  The flavours work perfectly with milk chocolate and even chocolate peanut butter cups for those with a really sweet tooth.  It also pairs well with English toffee so those tiny chocolate covered treats will make an great pairing.

Should you be planning a meal for your event, then hearty, seasonal dishes are popular.  Steak is always a good option with any red wine and the Mysterious Blend works perfectly with it.  Rich stews filled with seasonal vegetables or traditional favorites will also pair with a glass.  Or you may save it for after the meal in which case, it is an ideal pairing with strong cheeses for those cheese boards after the main dessert.

Preparing for all of your guests

Of course, while delicious, the Mysterious Blend may not be for everyone’s taste.  That’s why Red Diamond have a range of other high quality wines available.  And with prices starting from $10 a bottle, they are also cost effective when you are buying for a party.


Chardonnay is the go-to white wine for most people, the type of wine that you can always rely on.  The Red Diamond 2014 Chardonnay is another produced in Washington State and has flavors of ripe pineapple, pears and apples with a hint of creamy oak.  This makes it perfect for rich foods, creamy sauces and even with tropical fruit salads.  Should you be offering a seafood dish, then this will also work well with it.

Red Diamond are best known for their range of red wines and these include all the most popular varieties.  The Merlot has a spice scent and flavors of blackberry and cherry with a toasty oak background.  As well as pork, the wine is a favorite with vegetarian dishes involving mushrooms and is particularly well paired with tomato sauce based pasta dishes.

Conclusion – Halloween Party

The Mysterious Blend is not just a wine for Halloween but is a perfect addition to your wine collection for a spooky party.  If you have a serving suggestion, then why not join us on Twitter and share it including #RedDiamondWine or Red Diamond Wines on Facebook?

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This articles was written in collaboration with Red Diamond. All opinions expressed above are my own.