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Gentleman’s Guide to Halloween  

Skeleton Costume 

Gentleman’s Guide to Halloween  

This year’s Halloween might mean more time spent at home than usual, but that doesn’t mean dressing to impress should be off the table. Whether planning to drop by a festive drive-in, bring the energy to a Zoom night of drinks with friends, or cozy up for movie night on the couch, we’ve got some of the essentials tips for a Gentleman’s Guide to Halloween  below to get you in the spooky season spirit.  

Skeleton Costume  

Skeleton Costume  - Gentleman's Guide to Halloween  

If Halloween movie marathons have taught us anything, it’s that sometimes there’s nothing better than a classic. The ​skeleton costume​ is a holiday staple – and with good reason. Stay timeless while also staying cozy in this great option from Tipsy Elves. The reference opportunities are endless: do you want to say you’re from ​The Skeleton. 

Dance? Community? You can even pull out a guitar and wow any trick-or-treaters with a scene from ​Coco​ – whatever you feel in your heart (or better yet, whatever you feel in your bones.

Sloth Onesie  

Sloth Onesie - Gentleman's Guide to Halloween  

Are you staying a little more lowkey this year? Let your inner quarantine self shine as a sleepy sloth​. As a furry friend with a reputation for prioritizing comfort above all else, this is the perfect option for the Halloween homebody. This onesie will make sure you get points for participating in any festivities and keep you warm no matter how your plans shape up.  

Mixology Cocktail Kit  

Mixology cocktail kit - Gentleman's Guide to Halloween  

Spooky cocktails are a “Halloween at home” must, and there are plenty of ways to get festive with just a few simple ingredients. Use some blackberry to turn a gin or vodka tonic purple, or call that bottle of cabernet you’ve had your eye on the evening’s “blood red.” Elevate your drinks game with a cocktail kit – this option from ​Mixology & Craft​ has all the essentials. With tools for muddling, straining, and pouring, you’ll be ready to take this year’s creations to the next level.  

DIY Detective   

Not sure where to begin with the countless options online and in stores? There’s a strong chance there might be a costume ready to be assembled just from items already at home, Holmes. Dust off the work pants you might not have worn for a few months, pair them with a button-down and vest and fashion yourself a prop pipe out of cardboard or construction paper from one of these ​tutorials​. (If that feels a little too crafty, there’s always ​Amazon​ as a backup.) While there are plenty of mysteries out there left to solve, your 2020 costume doesn’t have to be one of them.  

Praying Mantis  

Praying Mantis - Gentleman's Guide to Halloween  

Did you know the praying mantis is also known as the wisdom bug? This ​Praying Mantis costume will allow you to take things to the next level – especially with the help of the extra set of hands attached to the onesie. Look and feel your best (without “bugging” out) while also promoting that eco-friendly, conservation mindset in an option no one will ever forget.  


Themed Virtual Background  

For anyone planning to meet up with the gang online, consider a festive background. Why not transport everyone to Hogwarts, or get some backup from fellow members of The Resistance with a ​Star Wars​ backdrop? It could also be worth planning a costume that coincides with the background choice: stay in your everyday clothes, but show up with the backdrop from ​The Office or ​Parks and Recreation. Grab a mason jar and greet everyone from the ​New Girl loft. Whatever option you pick, commit to the bit.  

Cozy Coupling

If you and your boo want to make movie night the most on-theme or share the spirit of the season on social media, Tipsy Elves also has some truly iconic ​couples options​. Have you ever seen anyone else show up together as piñatas’, or as a mermaid and pirate? Skip the basic options and steal the show – together dressing as a couple for Halloween is always a lot of fun.   



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